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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Malevolent
    Well, I've never been a huge believer in aftermarket cables; I buy them mainly for looks and ergonomic improvements (I like thicker cables without memory wires). However, having had access to a wide range of cables, I have come to the conclusion that... in a way, they do tweak the sound, albeit not in a grand, all-encompassing way. In this regard, the best cable I've heard, to date, is Effect Audio's Leonidas II. It's expensive, yeah, and that's probably why I can't convince myself to drop $900 on them. However, they sound really good with the Solaris, improving the sound in a few facets; bass presence and texture is improved, for example. If I had the money to spend (i.e. if my wife approves), I'd get the Leonidas II. It's a superb cable, in every sense of the word.
  2. Audiophonicalistic
    I really want that cable... maybe on black friday I'll splurge
  3. fokta
    Well, I can assure u, Solaris pair with EA Janus B is superb...
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  4. Audiophonicalistic
    I bet that's an epic cable. I have janus d and love it but I've heard janus b pairs better with solaris
  5. Lookout57
    I found the Eros II+ 8 wire wasn't a good match for the Solaris and the WM-1Z in balanced mode. The mids were very recessed with this cable. However I found that this cable was a better fit wit the Atlas.
  6. Tristy
    Has anyone tried the effect audio Leonidas II or Cleopatra with the solaris and can provide some info on what is the best pairing? Im currently using the Lionheart and although I love what it does for instruments and vocals I feel that its missing that separation and clarity that only a Silver based cable can provide. As far as I've read / gathered the Leonidas is a very good neutral cable that keeps the tuning of an iem intact while not changing too much but adding detail, clarity and is primarily focused on making the soundstage more holographic whereas the Cleopatra is more for adding a sub bass bump while pushing the mids back slightly and giving the signature a slight v-shape while upping clarity? atm I'm leaning towards the Cleopatra for the sub bass bump and silvery treble.
  7. fokta
    for me, Janus D is good to make all freq appear dominant, but some how I hear it as flat, in a good way.
    While Janus B more emphasize on Bass, and rich detail of Mids, While still have a mount of detail.

    I tried Leonidas II Octa (LIIO) with Solaris, I believe it fit to what u wanted description...
    Superb detail rumble, very distinguish separation, with a lot of detail and sparks...
    Because a lot of detail, my experience was so intense, love it, but also tiring...

    Recently, I was shocked that my wife noticed something changing on my body poster become roundback (Kifosis) when I listening to IEM, this is usually when I listened Solaris with Silver based cable in long hours. it seems my ear can adapt to the bright detail, but my body was not, the other way around.
    A friend suggested change my preferences to Warm, well let's see...
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
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  8. theveterans
    I own the Cleopatra Octa, but Andromeda. I haven't heard the Cleopatra Octa with the Solaris since Solaris don't fit well with my ears. Cleopatra doesn't push the mids back at all, and is actually more forward than Lionheart with Andromeda. Cleopatra Octa adds lower mid heft with the vocals making them slightly thicker sounding but never ever pushing the mids back. What you actually get is much more layered mid undertones that might be perceived as recessed but isn't.
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  9. subguy812
    Ken and I are on the same page with this. I love the pairing.
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  10. dakchi
    Any recommendation for tips that increase bass?
  11. subguy812
    I would try a narrow bore tip, it won't add bass but it might help balance the treble a touch if that is what is bothering you. Final Audio E tips are an example. I also guess you could try foam but I can't recommend any because I never use them.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  12. Lookout57
    Custom tips
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  13. Rockwell75
    Any tips that give you a perfect seal.
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  14. 8481
    I’ve tried octa versions of both although with a 2-pin to McDonald’s adapter for the Leo. If you want to compare the two directly there isn’t really much of a difference to be honest, you won’t go wrong with either. Personally I went with the Cleo.
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  15. Bart147
    I'm waiting for my Solaris to arrive later this week so I'm wondering : how many hours (roughly) does it take for the Solaris to reach it's full potential when you buy it brand new ?
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