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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Lookout57
    I've never used the stock cable since it's single ended. For balanced cables I have Copper Litz, Silver Litz, Reference 9 and SXC 8 that I can compare the Gold against on the WM-1A and the WM-1Z.
  2. AlanU
    Did those cables make a substantial difference? When it comes to IEM's or even hifi 2 channel cabling has been a joy to play with.

    I auditioned a pair of $5000.00++ (can't recall it's been a while) Aural Symphonics speaker wires and it made subtle difference to my Audio sensibility ohno japanese copper speaker wires. However using around $3500.00 Blue circle power conditioning with my 2 channel made a drastic difference. I've come to the conclusion that If I'm going to spend around $500 dollars worth of cabling I will rather buy a $2000+++ pair of IEM's for a real difference. 2 channel speakers is kinda hard to buy different pairs all of the time :)

    I will definitely say I will never use single ended cables again. The difference between balanced and single was a game changer for me.
  3. fokta
    Nice... Even with the same combo, each person will receive different impression.
    Yes, I had tried ifi iEMatch, and bought ifi Earbuddy, which already good for pairing SOLARIS with my ipad mini or when I am traveling in a plane.

    When listening to direct to DAP, I dont need ifi. for me, Pairing SOLARIS with DX221Mk2 is already the optimal that my ear can accept. Yes, there will be a waterfall noise in the back, but when the music play, Micro detail will make me forget about it..
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  4. subguy812
    Always spend/save your money on upgraded headphones or IEMs. Second, the source. Cables at best bring minor tweaks. I have some after market cables, but mostly for ergonomics and to utilize the balanced output.. They are not the most expensive after market cables either. The stock cables for the Solaris are great, even would be better without the memory wire.
    I totally agree with using balanced when possible. The trend today is 4.4mm for portable, many feel 2.5mm is to fragile to carry with them.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  5. Hellraiser86
    To be honest that sounds like many good comparisons within my price range. In best case used with the 1A (because I know it). And I have the pure Silver Litz balanced cable too. Just forgot to mention that it was included for free with the purchase and so I ended up using it from the start^^
  6. shimigg
    I want to try Solaris with a balanced cable but before buying , just to get the sense of sound improvement, can I use the balanced 2.5mm cable from Fiio F9 Pro just for testing ? Than , if it will be justified, I'll get a CA one.
  7. fokta
    Hmm.. u can.. but it will be not much different, I had tried with Fiio F5 balanced cable, find Slitz SE is no different.
    U will get better if use other balanced Cable or more decent one...IMO
  8. Audiophonicalistic
    For those looking for a great, expensive cable pairing I can highly recommend the thor silver II 8wire. Pairs wonderfully with solaris and my lotoo paw gold touch. I quit coming to head fi that's how happy I am with the setup.
  9. dakchi
    Seriously? you recommend a cable at 1500$!! guys, please be reasonnable with cables. They do not impact the sound at all. What has an impact on sound is the earphones, then the DAP then the tips and then finally very very slightly the cable. I just don't understand people who spend thousand of $ in a cable. I can spend maximum 100$ and it's already too much for a 1,2m cable of copper or silver
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  10. Audiophonicalistic
    Only $800. You say they don't impact the sound but have you really ever listened to a high quality cable like what effect audio offers? Maybe you have idk. But if you haven't, give it a try and decide for yourself. I wasn't a believer at all but an 8wire cable is pretty easy to listen to a difference.

    New empire ears wraith is shipping with Cleopatra. It's an expensive cable for an expensive iem. Sure for looks but also to maximize the sound of their totl. Wish it was cheaper.
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  11. dakchi
    It's physics: an earphones cable is not long enough to significantly resist to the signal. So any copper cable will do the work. Seriously, we are talking about a difference of resistance of 0.001%, something that you cannot hear. I would rather invest this money in something that really makes a difference like earphones or DAP, but the fact that a cable improves the sound, this is bull
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    Have you tried it? It's a sweet cable. Looks great too and let's face it. When it looks good, it plays good. Please don't take me out back and beat me up :beyersmile:

    I didn't post to start arguing, some guys like me look for best of the best. I search all iem forums I own or hope to own and look up cable pairings. Nothing more.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  13. davidmolliere
    Well, it’s always the same thing with the cable debate... I didn’t believe in cables either or at least I figured marginal improvements. But I did try with an open mind and I actually was disproved... some cable didn’t have much influence, some did change sound significantly and made for a better experience. Of course it also depended on sources and IEMs, it’s all about synergy...

    I have tried Thor II and it’s one of the top five cable I have auditioned, very very good.

    Just like frequency graphs don’t sum up everything about SQ in my opinion (I love those people who have a definitive opinion about a headphone/IEM just looking at FR graph and never have auditioned it....), science can’t explain everything (yet)... same goes for burn in :wink:

    Now does the fact that cables do have an influence on SQ justify the prices?
    Probably not, on that we’ll agree.
    Although the cost of copper (good one is costy) and even more so silver and gold is no less than say what it is for jewelry :p

    Last but not least, I don’t really get the need to get aggressive with people who like their cables and say it does make a difference, it’s a hobby and all about enjoying the music, isn’t it?
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  14. Bucketron
    Agree. I had paired my Solaris with AG Nova. You will have a feeling that when you find the right cable, your IEM potential is fully unleashed.
  15. Audiophonicalistic
    Yes the cable pairings sometimes aren't the best. For example I did not enjoy my legend x or phantom with thor ii 8wire., even though many people at ee forum enjoy those pair ups. However, I was recommended janus d, and that pairing is amazing imo. Putting Janis d on solaris sounded good, but thor ii 8wire was much better. I had to use a 2pin to mmcx adapter I purchased on ebay.
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