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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. mark88888
    It does help, thanks! So... do you have a recommendation for an IEM that would be better for long listening? And maybe with a more comfortable cord :beyersmile: ? Also, if youve used the Solaris, how do they compare?
  2. Mlaihk
    People may hate me for recommending this but.....

    Try the new Nicehck NX7.......
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  3. fokta
    try Focal Clear...
  4. hellfire8888
    anyone try comparing Solaris vs jvc fw10000 before? been deciding which one is better...
  5. Rockwell75
    The JVC is like a unicorn for those of us in North America-- harder to find than even QDC or the Z1R. Solaris is amazing though.
  6. CreditingKarma

    I second the recommendation of the focal clear. They are similar to me I really like the clear but the ab1266 phi tc is on my head most of the time now.
  7. thecryder
    Thanks for the response. I own the Elex, but find the bass drops off a little early. In your option how are the clears different to the Elex with the bass frequencies?

    I find the Solaris have such a smooth full range that’s super enjoyable to listen to. Just enough low end to fill out the music.
  8. CreditingKarma
    I have never heard the elex so I can't comment on them vs the clears. I have the lcd x as well and find it to be darker than the clears. Of what I own the clears are closest to the Solaris. The clears have good but not extraordinary bass but they tend to portray the music as it is recorded without much coloration. Mine are now used mostly for listening on the couch with my sp1000.
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  9. Dt1193
    honestly, at this point, i recommend only the lcdi4 or the andromeda. if you cannot deal with the size and openness of the lcdi4, then i say go with the andromeda. andromeda is small and sounds mindblowing. honestly, if i could only have one iem in the world, it would be andromeda.
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  10. broopa
    Just got these and not sure how I feel about them. The bass seems really over powering to me, might just be because I came from the Jupiters. Does the bass mellow our a little bit after a good burn in?
  11. cr3ativ3
    Do you speak of the Solaris ? :astonished:
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  12. broopa
    I do! I think I must be crazy to think they are bass heavy, the Jupiters must have broken my ears.
  13. Rockwell75
    There's no such thing as crazy in a hobby fundamentally driven by subjectivity. Personally I've come to regard the bass in Solaris as "just right"-- it attains a level of perfect balance and timbre I have not heard in another IEM. That said there are those who find Solaris' bass lacking or, like yourself, too little. There's no substitute for listening for yourself and forming your own impressions.
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  14. Wildcatsare1
    They sound less “boomy” with burn in, and a nice amp. The Mojo, Hugo 2, AK Kann, or on a closer to real earth budget, I picked up a used Vorzuge Pure II and it is an incredible pairing!
  15. fokta
    Was trying AK Kann last night, pairing with Solaris.
    Again, Never doubt AK for soundstage and Black background. Zero Hiss at Balanced...
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