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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    I stopped by Audio 46 in Manhattan this morning. I was hoping to demo the IER Z1R and Legend X but neither were in stock so I settled for the Empire Ears Phantom and Noble Kahn. Both were notable for their resolution and clarity-- and the Kahn for its forward midrange-- however neither (imho) could top the Solaris' rich and open soundstage, balanced tonality and, as @fzman aptly puts it, its natural instrumental timber. I also gave the Atlas another whirl and am still satisfied that the Solaris contains the perfect amount of bass for my tastes, which leads me wondering if the Legend X might be too much after all. The Solaris is still king, however the Z1R looms ominously out there somewhere. Perhaps the universe is just urging me to be happy with what I have (which is a lot).
  2. candlejack
    You (literally) have no idea. Something to be excited about in the future, I guess.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  3. Rockwell75
    I have some idea. I have gotten a number of fairly measured impressions from people I trust who have heard both-- many of whom ultimately preferred the Z1R-- and the consensus seems to be that there are more similarities than differences between them. Also for what it's worth I remember you saying that when you heard Solaris you didn't consider it to be enough of a step up from Andro to be worth it, whereas I considered it to be a dramatic step up in just about every way imaginable-- with the the possible exception of high frequency sparkle. That said, I am prepared for he Z1R to be good, however as with all things at this level of this hobby I imagine the differences aren't as dramatic as advocates on both sides make them out to be. For the time being though, I am content.
  4. SilentNote
    These dangle out of my ear... and keep dropping out without me even moving. Must take especially large ears to fit.
  5. B9Scrambler
    It's all about the tips. And you got to bend that memory wire just right. Very picky fitment for sure, at least for some.
  6. candlejack
    I'm just a bit sad you didn't get to try them. I was listening to Communique today and I was thinking how much you would enjoy it.

    It's true that when I had the Solaris for a week I really enjoyed it, but going back to the Andromeda S was easy and I didn't feel like I was missing anything significant in the music. I did the same experiment again with the Z1R and the Andromeda (i.e. switched to the Andromeda after 3 weeks of the Z1R) and it's almost like I couldn't wait to switch back. Never thought I'd have this reaction to the Andromeda. I'll repeat the experiment one more time just to make sure it wasn't a mood issue.
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  7. Dt1193
    do you like the z1r or solaris more?
  8. subguy812
    I am finishing my Legend X review after a year of play. To touch on both comments, the Atlas is great with the proper time, it doesn't do well if it isn't seasoned. I love Solaris and Atlas...ask me off line which I use more. I don't really want to discuss the X one the Solaris thread.
  9. Rockwell75
    I haven't heard the Z1R yet. I love the Solaris though and am interested in trying the Z1R more out of curiosity than a desire to up/sidegrade.
  10. fokta
    where's the love goes...

    Good day Gents... (and Ladies, if There's any...)
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  11. mark88888
    I wonder if anyone could provide a concise comparison between the Solaris and Z1R? What are the main sound differences, however slight? I'm also curious about which people generally find to be more comfortable to wear.
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  12. Dt1193
    if it helps, i have the z1r. and first and foremost, i've heard many of the totl iems in the world (kse, lcdi4, 64audio, etc.). i would definitely say the z1r sound quality belongs in that realm. so does the build quality and craftsmanship.

    however, there are annoying parts. the cable is thick and rubbery and sticks to your body when hot and humid. the earphones are large but that doesnt really matter when they are in your ears. for me, the fit is fine.

    the sound signature is v-shaped. which is not ideal for critical long listening but it is very good for when you just wanna put something in and rock out. i would say that it is the totl best in ear monitor tuned for the general public (v-shape).
  13. zeroselect
    Why is it when I'm reading this description this is the imaging i'm getting.
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  14. Rockwell75
    Really impressed with Solaris' isolation...I'm on an airplane amidst screaming babies and roaring jet engines and all I hear is the music...even the nuances in the deep and thumping bass are not lost.
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  15. thecryder
    Not sure if this the right spot to ask this, but...

    Is there an open back headphone with a similar sound presentation as the Solaris?
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