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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    I can only find the ML size on ebay...but they're $60 so fuqdat.
  2. fokta
    hmm, quite difficult to get...

    but TFZ I used... inner bore diameter is 6 mm...
  3. AlanU
    Just tested the large bodied cube. It really does sound incredible with the Solaris. Full Body sound with that combo. My little highly portable Norma sounds anemic in comparison.
  4. Rockwell75
    That's how I feel about Solaris with the N6ii-- the Solaris DD really does respond well to extra power. I'm curious how the N6ii compares with the Cube. The Kann Cube is out of the running for me as it's even larger than the N6ii (which is about the upper limit of what I'm willing to carry around) and alas still relies on a 2.5mm balanced connection. I would love to demo it though.
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  5. fzman Contributor
    I had both for a short time (the Cube was a loaner), and they weigh about the same, but the Cube is much bigger- the N6ii was about the size of the screen-area of the Cube. Keep in mind that the below comments are a brief impression

    They both drove the Solaris very well in balanced mode, the Cube via Soalirs 2.5 supplied cable, the N6 via a 2.5--4.4 adapter. That said, and volume 'matched' by ear, the N6 was a bit warmer, fuller sounding, and had slightly more natural instrumental timbres. Both were very dynamic and resolving. The Cube had a bit more punch and bass control, and the individual images were a touch more 3-D holographic. I could easily live with either. (I own the N6,so that's what I use. May buy the Cube anyway, as it was really good- kind of a blend between the smoother sound of the AK1000 and the more etched, but still pretty smooth and natural SE100. I may wait to really test drive the new AK 2000 before I make a final decision......
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  6. KB Contributor

    Good read sir, I sampled the SP2000 and the Cube, each his own but I tended to like the Cubes more muscular slightly less ultra detailed sig vs SP2000. The SP2000 has a incredible amount of resolution but I felt the pairing with the Solaris to be best (for me) Cube. On a side note I am loving the Tidal and Bandcamp streaming apps on the with the Cube, highly recommended to put a ear on that :wink:

    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  7. Jackpot77
    Have you had a chance to try the Solaris with the N6ii yet, Ken? Hoping to hear the Cube at Canjam London later this month, but took the plunge on the Cayin about a fortnight ago and I echo @fzman 's comments - the N6ii has a beautiful warm, full sound with plenty of detail when paired with the Solaris. Has now replaced the DX200/Amp8 as my "reference" source, and just makes the Solaris sing. If the Cube betters it, that will be a seriously impressive DAP.
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  8. fokta
    20190717_082637.jpg 20190716_080736.jpg

    Cayin is one DAP that I must try, especially with Solaris.

    Just got new pure cable UP-OCC Silver.
    Love the airy High, and micro detail.
    Bass still puncy, but least rumble (I dont mind)

    Good day guys...
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  9. subguy812
    The Cayin N6ii was on my radar, but I went with the Cube. Since I only received it last night I can't really give sound impressions. I will say the Cube is not just about power. I have heard some say it has a bright sound, I do not think it is bright. This is my fourth A&K, with my least favorite being the Kann, it just didn't check my boxes. The other two were the 100ii and 120ii. Both of those players had a warmer, organic smoothness, but lacked power to drive. The Kann Cube has a real energy with the Solaris and an immersive stage which surrounds you.
    Thus far I am enjoying the signature of the Cube. It really makes my Hybrid collection shine. The Jazz at the Pawnshop has never sounded better.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  10. AlanU
    I just picked up the solaris but I'm really itching to pick up a Cube. The issue I have is the brutal size for daily commute. I also dont feel excited about paying $200 cdn for a case.

    The difference from my A&K Norma and Cube is quite drastic. I do find that when I DO NOT have a reference point of swapping a to b I am finding my current Norma very good. I do know that the cube is very very different.

    I really like the A&K sound signature. I am hoping the produce a smaller package with similar SQ in the 2 grand CDN$ range.
  11. AlanU
    With my quick audition i had a hard time telling the difference between the fiio balanced cable vs Alo Reference 8. I know there is a difference but it's not a profound difference in my quick test.

    Going single ended to balanced with the A&K amp was huge!
  12. BananaOoyoo
    Kann Cube is such a weird DAP. It doesn't feel as heavy as it actually is, but that size is just ridiculous.
  13. fokta
    True... then at least you know where you want to go, after acquiring it....
    please also consider the combination with DAP, Source, and also your taste.
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  14. Rockwell75
    Try the N6ii-- it might surprise you. It's within your price range, much more portable than the cube and based on everything I've read has a similar sound sig.
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  15. Rockwell75
    Speaking of the N6ii:

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