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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. BananaOoyoo
    It’s about damn time.

  2. ExpatinJapan

    Looking forward to your impressions

    Include dap and tips please
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  3. BananaOoyoo
    Started with my ES100/iPhone XS Max with iTunes. Solaris is pretty sensitive - volume isn’t a problem at all (2 bars is plenty??)

    Now using the SP1000 with Tidal and SP2000 with the included flac files.

    753AF690-92F1-4464-BCFD-5BE8CA46D7DC.jpeg 185ED1CA-8823-466A-9111-8F777D326C79.jpeg

    For tips: E-Pro Horn Shaped tips, which have a narrower bore and help with deep insertion.
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  4. Jackpot77
    The Solaris is easy to drive, but the DD responds very well to being driven with a good amount of power so you may want to try high gain on the A&Ks (if they have variable gain - been an age since I had my AK70 so can't remember!). As always, YMMV and all that.

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  5. fokta
    YAP... your waiting time is over... time to satisfy the curiosity....
    Waiting for your impression...
  6. subguy812
    I still feel the best sound is with the wide bore, which is why I haven't switched from the Spiral Dots. That said, I do wish I could get a little deeper insertion, but honestly feel that is in large part to the memory wire.
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  7. ExpatinJapan
    I took the memory wire off the Superlitz cables i have.

    Fairly easy. Much better.

    Torn between the Acoustune 08, Symbio W Peel....
    And JVC Spiral dots(v1 and ++)
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  8. Rockwell75
    Can anyone who's used multiple sources with Solaris comment on what they feel the best one is?
  9. Jackpot77
    Not a definitive list, but have run the Solaris on the following "decent" portable gear:

    Cayin N5iiS
    Fiio M11
    LG V30
    Sony NW-A45
    Shanking M0

    and the DX200/Amp8 is the highest performing for me, with the most holographic feel to the stage and superior imaging and layering. The Fiio M11 is a surprising 2nd, with the Cayin and ZX300 coming in just underneath (although there really isn't much in it - may even be just that the M11 offers a different "flavour" to the others).

    Should have the N6ii coming in next week, so will be able to compare that Vs the DX200 (unless it sells before the Cayin arrives).

    Hope that helps?

    If you want the opinion of a man with a Solaris on tap and many, many fine DAPs to choose from, @twister6 would be my suggestion. Believe @ExpatinJapan also has quite the DAP connection these days, do he may be able to chip in on this too.
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  10. Rockwell75
    You never went for the DX220 hey? What does the new Cayin have going for it? I have a ZX300 and while I love the sound the playlist functionality is absolutely useless and it's turning out to be harder to live with as time wears on than I thought it would be. Right now my two biggest contenders are the Fiio and the DX220. The Fiio is "winning" at the moment because it's cheaper and comes stock with a 4.4mm balanced out which is my preference. That said if the DX220 was a significant enough improvement in sound I'd probably bite the extra cost and eventually invest in an amp 8. Another possible winner is the Kann Cube, which Ken Ball himself has cited as one one of his favorite pairings with the Solaris, though it's a significant jump in cost with no option for a 4.4mm termination.
  11. Jackpot77
    Was seriously considering the Kann Cube, but I really like the N5iiS and Cayin "house sound" so went for the N6ii and the 4.4mm connection in the end. Also from what I'd read on the threads, the N6ii just appealed a little more for me in terms of Sonics, battery life and usability. The ability to change out the DAC along with the amp at a later date was also pretty appealing.

    Hope I don't regret it when I hear the Kann Cube at Canjam London... :wink:
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  12. Jackpot77
    The Fiio M11 is a beast of a DAP for the price, though. Great sound and all three connections, so no cable swapping if you just want to grab a player and a set of IEMs on the way out of the front door.
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  13. ExpatinJapan
    DX220 with Amp 8 is my usual choice these days,
    and the short time I had with Kens WM1Z in April was also pretty good.


    Jackpot77 is usually on the money, although I don't entirely agree with everything on his list - he has fairly well covered some of the ground.

    Alex Twister6 is usually a good go to reviewer for in depth reviews and comparisons.

    Seems a waste to pair a high performing pair of earphones with a mid performing dap that lacks the resolution, layering, power, timbre etc etc that a little bit more money would deliver.

    “All dap sound the same once ya turn up the volume, to
    My ears anyway” yadda yadda :)

    With my head phone switcher box,
    Alo audio sxc-8 mini to mini cables and a spl meter i can volume match up to four daps and switch seamlessly between them. Its close at times, sometimes analytical listening can pick up the differences in performance... other times it is immediately apparent.

    (Old pic).

    Cant underestimate decent tips and the right fit and size though.
    Makes all the difference.

    I usually stick to the stock Superlitz cable in 4.4mm or 2.5mm
    - i have stacks of cables and cable rolling can get a bit tiresome at times. Sometimes it is beneficial. But not always. Sometimes stock is enough, sometimes its just different not better, other times it is an improvement either in sound or more towards ones sonic preference or balances out a warm
    Or bright dap.

    Currently trying out the new Amp
    9 with the DX220 and Andromeda
    And will move soon onto the Solaris once my ears get settled...

    F81B2634-1F0B-45B4-83DB-42640FF886BD.jpeg 7BFD1383-DDE1-426C-B42F-D030EFF78468.jpeg 049FD437-B236-4801-A622-66DFA24C6AC1.jpeg

    No easy answer.

    But having several daps from the same companies and lining em up one can easily distinguish an increase in resolution, performance, separation, tonality, imaging etc as one goes up a companies dap chain.
    Makes sense though.

    Babble on....excuse moi
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  14. fokta
    any particular Sound sig u after?
    Tried urself with the gear u used is the best.
    for me, u alrd seen in my sig.
    LPGT and SPKM is something u should try.
    Most of Cayin is Warm sig...

    +1 for Cayin house sound... quite unique actually...
  15. fokta
    Agree with this statement.. but what makes difference is, good DAP still produce the same dynamic although in low Volume...
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