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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    I think you'll love the Solaris. Its best qualities are holographic imaging, soundstage and a balanced signature.
  2. kalo86
    Is the Sony ZX300 able to drive the Solaris?
  3. cr3ativ3
    try them if you can , before u exclude the Legend. it has strong huge bass , but very very well controled. You get a awesome resolution of all other frequencies.
    the best balanced one , ive heard is the Solaris :)
  4. cr3ativ3
    the solaris is easy to drive.. much easier than the legend x, i would say yes :)
  5. kalo86
    If you have both Solaris and Legend X, can you write a brief comparison? Of course I'm not considering the price difference in this comparison/discussion. Thanks
  6. Rockwell75
    Yup. It's a beautiful complimentary pairing.
    kalo86 likes this.
  7. kalo86
    Thanks for the reply. Do you drive the Solaris through the balanced output on the ZX300?
  8. Rockwell75
    Yup :)
  9. cr3ativ3
    in short.
    you get more impact and rumble with the Legend X. especially subbass is awesome with LX. Both dont bleed into mids. the bass is not "boomy" and its only there if it should be there.
    you get more balance with the Solaris, Solaris has more crisp treble, Legend´s treble is smoother.
    both have a very very nice resolution.
    Overall the Legend is "thicker" in sound. The Solaris is really well balanced. you catch details and micro details very well with both.
    i enjoy and love both very much :) and if its matters to you the legend x is more comfy to ware , but the solaris fits me fine too :)
  10. kalo86
    I have to go to Germany and try all them in a local store
  11. fokta
    Forgot to ask, How is fiio cable compare to stock cable...
  12. cr3ativ3

    They are a little bit difficult to compare cause the Fiio is 4.4mm and the stock is SE3.5 .
    To my ears is the 4.4mm balanced output is far superior to the 3.5mm out from my source.

    I have no 4.4mm -> 3.5 Adapter
    fokta likes this.
  13. fokta
    I see...

    yeah... u right, not comparable...
    need to slow down the pace...
  14. cr3ativ3
    But if you want a real good silver cable , which is also very comfy to wear .. go for it . Sounds awesome . Better as CB13 .
    fokta and cycheang like this.
  15. Wildcatsare1
    Well damn, my right channel just failed, thankfully 46 Audio is sending me a replacement (excellent customer experience!), was listening and it went silent. Switched cables, DAPs and amps, unfortunately it’s muerte.
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