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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. cr3ativ3
    Something like dunu hulk ? That would be awesome...

    Yeah u can return everything in 14 days . If you bought it online the shops have to accept and refund
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  2. beholdclarity
    Yesterday, I got the chance to test the full set of Vision Ears including the VE8 side by side with my Solaris and I'd like to share my impressions. The reason for my endeavor is that the Solaris provides everything I need on a technical/ sonic level, but fit has become an issue. My ears do not accommodate most ear-tips and I struggle getting proper seal. In lieu of a Solaris CIEM I began looking for an alternative. I will share with you my impressions with the VE8, a 2300€ CIEM from Vision Ears.

    Take note: I directly compare these to the Solaris, so when I say the VE8 is neutral-dry or bright, I mean that as in comparison to the Solaris. You should be aware that the Solaris is not an ideal point of reference, as it may very well be described as colored.

    Solaris pushes more air. VE8 has airy lows, as expected from a BA. Texture and detail is better in the VE8 with better layering but lower impact at similar listening volumes. The bass on the VE8 is ever present when needed but does not bleed into the mids which takes body away. It is a medium quick but dry albeit deep bass. It lacks the juicy analogue quality of a DD. The Solaris produces a bigger boom when called upon than the VE8. Because the VE8 pushes less air, listening to it at a comfortable volume is difficult because the bass gets too shy quickly. The Song Thriller by Michael Jackson is a great example. In the intro, when you hear the footsteps and in the end, when the huge wooden door is closed, the Solaris sounds large and threatening and the VE8 sounds matter-of-fact-ish. To get the same effect with the VE8 I have to increase volume and when the music starts it hurts my ears.

    Because the bass is so controlled on the VE8, the mids are very clear but have less weight compared to the Solaris. Vocals are breathy and ethereal and not in-your-face as opposed to the emotional and juicy but sometimes pushed vocals of the Solaris. The VE8 has mids that I would describe as evanescent, they come and go and do not linger much. This creates a very precise and enjoyable presentation which many audiophiles will fall in love with. The mids are neither recessed nor forward. They are neutral and centered. The texture and body of the mids are neutral-dry as opposed to the oily smooth mids of the Solaris. Guitar strings are crisp and lifelike, as if the instrument was played next to you. That is an amazing quality with incredible detail for the VE8. It is possible to make out each individual string get plucked. The Solaris portrais strings in a more smooth and meaty manner which I enjoy as well.
    Bass Guitars lack timbre in the VE8 for my taste. They could do with more warmth.
    I would say that the VE8 has significantly less coloration than the Solaris. It has no quirky emphasis.

    The Solaris extends nicely in the highs but refrains from ever becoming harsh or sibilant. The highs on the Solaris however are clearly not the focus of its presentation. Cimbals and sparkles are clear enough on the Solaris to be really enjoyable and make the overal experience magical.

    The highs on the VE8 are really something else. They extend much higher effortlessly and have a lot more detail and energy. The highs on the VE8 are hands down the best I ever heard (for what it's worth). The VE8 manages this without being edgy, oversharpened or even sibilant, something that might be the Andromedas only fault. The detail in plucked instruments, claps and cimbals is breathtaking. Unfortunately, I am treble sensitive and even the best and smoothes treble in the world causes fatigue for me.

    The Solaris produces a soundstage that is admirable and awesome. The Solaris is very immersive and extends well in all directions. This is just a joy to use.
    The VE8 might take that a step further, extending higher and wider, causing a more holographic sensation. Information is coming at you from all angles and your being swirled into the music as if your brain was kicked around like a football. I find the extended soundstage of the VE8 to be unnecessary but absolutely not unnatural. With a bit of more listening time, this would prove another strong point for the VE8

    The VE8 has incredible amounts of detail and clarity and can be described as the perfect Andromeda, the perfect BA. I can see why Crinacle has placed this iem so high on his list, when he sees the Andromeda as a gatekeeper for the S rank. It is fun but overall on the neutral-bright side compared to the mid-forward Solaris, although less bright than the Andromeda. I think the VE8 is the archetype of an ideal BA IEM, it does everything BA stands for perfectly. Speed, texture, clarity, separation and resolution. All without much coloration, oversharpening, edgyness, harshness or any negative attributes but enough fun-factor for true audiophile listening.

    But I have become so used to the oily smoothness of the Solaris, its analogue feel, that the VE8 is not warm enough for me, even though it does many things better, on a technical level, than the Solaris.
    I could see myself going with the VE8 as my only CIEM for the next years and with a bit of getting used to it, my ears would get used to its sound and grow very, very fond of it. But for now, it feels like I would prefer a more darker, warmer analogue sound promised by a hybrid with good DD bass. This will be a tough decision.
    My search goes on. Next up: Solaris vs. Legend X.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  3. Lookout57
    Why not look into custom tips?

    I got them for all my IEMs and I not longer have any fit issues or any discomfort after using them for many hours.
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  4. cr3ativ3
    i use Symbio W tips , looks like they were made for each other . used the solaris yesterday 7 hours without pause.
    nothing hurts or cause any discomfort.
  5. cr3ativ3
  6. Tristy
    What cable is that you are using on your Solaris? And can you give any comparison compared to the Slitz?
  7. cr3ativ3
    It’s Ibasso cb13 , I can try but the litz is Single endet and the Ibasso is balance ... so it’s hard to compare . I have the new Fiio pure silver cable on the way too ( Fiio lc4.4D )
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  8. beholdclarity
    I did, but I was put off that trail for two reasons:
    First I was told by the audiologist that those tips tend to make the sound darker, because of the elongated nozzle. I use the wide bore, short silicone tips and didn’t want to mess with the sound signature too much. What is your experience in this regard?

    The second reason is the more important one. The Solaris already are huge and stick out quite a bit making them look even more ridiculous than they already are. Putting a thick silicone sleeve on them would just make them bigger. Especially the length of the nozzle that will not go into my ears concerns me. Do you have sleeves for your Solaris as well?
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  9. Lookout57
    I have the ADVANCED Eartune Fidelity and it only makes the Solaris stick out an additional 1/8" / 3mm. To me it's not really noticeable.
  10. fokta
    Interestingly, I am looking forward for this...

    make me wonder about Fiio cable... by spec seems promising
  11. cr3ativ3
    Tracking says Monday for the cable :frowning2: hoped for tomorrow
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  12. ExpatinJapan
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  13. mark88888
    I was just looking at the site where these are sold, and it seems there are many size options (SMM, MML etc). Will any of these fit the solaris? Any recommended size?
  14. ExpatinJapan
    Sizes are as I understand it

    S, M, L

    But you can choose three small SSS

    Or one small and two medium SMM

    A bit confusing, yes.

    Solaris I usually go down a size myself.

    I recommend wide bore,
    Mandarine Peel W myself.
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  15. mark88888

    By wide bore, do you mean the L size?
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