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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. CreditingKarma

    I look forward to trying the legend x again in the future. I can understand that after being used to the Solaris and Khan I was not used to the bass of the legend x. I think that I would need more time to get a grip on the sound of the legend x. Perhaps boomy is wrong term to use in regards to the bass. It was somewhat overwhelming coming straight from my other iems.

    Now I want to go listen to yyz on all of my iems and the abyss ab1266.
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  2. subguy812
    Damn envious of the Abyss...tonight I should finish my Aiva review.
  3. MaxD
    Sorry for the dumb question: What is a DX221 ? Is it the Ibasso dx220 with some extra ?

    Also Im getting the CA pure silver 2.5 on Monday, going to try it on my Solaris's with a DX220. Would it help anyone if I post impressions of that ?
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  4. cr3ativ3
    dx220 with amp1 228 amp8 and so on
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2019
  5. cycheang
    Please share your impression after you get your new cable. Oh ya, which cable you get for your Solaris ?
  6. 8481
    I presume he means the CA Silver Llitz (Atlas stock) cable when he said CA pure silver.
  7. cantsleep Contributor
    Been a few weeks now and I still like these.

    Fit is the only issue for me. It gets slightly uncomfortable after an hr or two, but only on the right ear.
  8. Malevolent
    Yes, if you're used to the Solaris' signature (or something similar), the Legend X will sound overly bassy, even boomy, at first glance. The same can be said for darker and less treble intensive IEMs out there, such as the JH Audio Roxanne. Case in point - I recently took the Roxanne out for a listen; I haven't had time with them for quite sometime now. I was instantly taken aback by just how dark and thick they sounded. This is especially relevant, seeing that I have been exclusively using a Kaiser Encore, Solaris and Zeus XIV for the last year. Still, over the 2 hour long bus trip, I fell in love with the Roxanne all over again. They are just as silky smooth and lush as ever. Sure, they suffer in the treble department, something the Solaris excels in, but they are not lacking in detail or overall articulation. At least, not by much. The Solaris still trumps the Roxanne in overall technical performance, but the gap between them isn't as huge as one would think, especially if they do a cursory comparison between the 2.
  9. MaxD
    Thank you for explaining.

    The 2.5 TRRS one of these: https://campfireaudio.com/shop/pure-silver-litz-cable/

    Yes I'll let you know how it compares with Stock super litz and a couple I made myself.
  10. MaxD
    How do you know Im not a "she" :), just kidding, Yes spot on, the pure silver stock 2.5 balanced, not the silver over copper Litz delivered with them. I hoping for a litle more detail, Not that the Solaris would not be detailed, Evan with a lead cable :).

    I have tried a few after market ChiFi cables but not liked the impact. So I made some of my own with pure silver cable and loved them. Im just not the best at making cables so I thought I would try some made by CA.

    If I can I'll do some photos with my best inarticulate guess at impressions.
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  11. BananaOoyoo
    @KB I heard that Campfire finally has a new distributor in Korea - do you know roughly when we’ll start seeing your IEMs in store here?

    Been waiting 8 months to try out the Solaris (and even longer for the Equinox, if that’s available as a universal demo)!
  12. fokta
    wow... u manage to make urself or there some local suppliers?

    how many core u make? 4, 8 or 16?
    if you believe ur material Quality is good, never go above 4 for Solaris...
    Above 4 core, majority will make the Solaris tends to warm side... based on my experience...
    and Good silver material cable tends to make good low freq (the opposite of SPC).
    Demoing will be crucial for cable, but dont expect sonically change...

    For me, cable is just the middle man... as long each end is good, cable will only emphasize the goodness...
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  13. MaxD
    Yup I used toxic cables as my suppler of parts.


    The lower, Toxic evan sent me some high silver content solder. Used the cable on my535's but had a go with it on my solaris's Loved the detail. the cable is just a bit stiff for me so went for a CA one to use duly I hope. still waiting on the delivery. Cables do make a difference for me. Not just in sound but the feel and look is important too. It just personal perception though. Im no evangelist. :)
  14. MaxD
    Sry Missed your spoiler :)
    4 core, 8 and 16 would simply bee too much mony in wire for me, pure silver 4 cor DIY cost me £120.
    And I don't think I can plat that well :)
  15. fokta
    Toxic... nice...



    yeah, I think my abnormal is the same as ur Toxic... Stiff, light, and warm sound sig...
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