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Campfire - Solaris

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  1. Rockwell75
    I hear a crinkle every now and again...not every time, but enough that I notice it. I've decided to place my faith in the numerous manufacturers who insist that it's normal and won't damage the driver in the long term.
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  2. Mrcojocaru
    I will admit that I found the methodology of that site to be strange. If you're gonna give out awards, you should put in a bit more effort than that.
    I haven't had the ety's for over a year now so I can't compare, but the Solaris sounds much more dynamic with better bass and also a waaaay bigger soundstage. The ety's were a bit more organic sounding, but nowhere near as fun.

    I also don't have the Solaris anymore, but the best isolation you'll get is probably from foam tips. They also correct that bit of nasally tone that the Solaris has in the mid-range for me.

    These are my favorite foam tips because they are of a gummy consistency and isolate very well:

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  3. cr3ativ3
    Yeah me 2
  4. rutter
    I found said review itself to in turn be elucidating. It was a tough decision between the Solaris, UE Reference presumably not remastered and certainly not 18+ pro which just sounds dirty, a $400 Audeze iem, and a $1500 iem I hadn't heard of that hasn't retained its value well when I was looking which top tier iem to get. At the end I gave the Solaris the best iem of the present award, and invoked the International Consortium of Boldly Subjective Sound Science to make it sound even more impressive.

    I say good day.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  5. elChefe
    I notice a popping sound sometime when I’m putting them in but only when using silicone tips. I actually thought it was the tips making the sound since I don’t hear it with foam.
  6. candlejack
    I also heard something similar (only in the L ear). I think the silicon provides a stronger seal and thus allows for larger variations in canal pressure which pull harder on the the driver diaphragms. This is not purely a DD thing either. I had a pretty nasty clicking noise in my Andromeda S which CA fixed and it sounded similar to what I heard on the Solaris (although it was much less frequent or annoying on the Solaris).
  7. cr3ativ3
    Best BA bass I’ve heard is the fearless audio acme8 with its maze tube design .
  8. mark88888

    Thank you, fantastic, if I get the Solaris (which seems likely) I'll definitely pick up those tips!

    By the way, being that it seems we have similar taste in sound, I have to ask... why did you decide to sell the Solaris (how do you rank them?), do you have another recommendation? Also, did you feel that foam tips completely corrected the nasally tone you perceived? I didn't hear that but then again I have a lot less experience with them. I'm also curious about how you'd define "organic" and "fun", sound-wise.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  9. Mrcojocaru
    No problem! My issue with them was that nasally quality. It was there, if slightly, and I'm a picky MF so it wouldn't stop bothering me. On the night before I sent them off to their new owner I tried the foam tips that came with my new U12T. It no longer bothered me! I was excited about the u12t and still sent of the Solaris though. Took me a couple days to realize how bright the U12T was and sold that off after a couple weeks too.

    My other issues with the Solaris were fit (but you probably already know if that will be an issue for you), moisture accumulation on the end of the nozzle, and hiss with just about every source.I tried. It was minimal on my zx300 but still not something I want to deal with at $1.5k.

    Sound wise, I would rank them pretty high. They have a pleasing, exciting sound and good technicalities.

    I ended up with the QDC Anole VX and an Audeze LCDi4. They complement each other beautifully and I couldn't be happier after my long search. The Anole has none of the issues that I've had with previous IEMs, including the u12t and Solaris and it gets tons of ear time! It's an incredibly competent all arounder. The LCDi4 is a very special piece of gear that performs at the TOTL full sized headphone range but has no isolation. They're still more portable and easy to drive than most high end headphones, though, so I bring them out with me a lot.

    Organic, to me, means true to life.. as in: if someone is standing in front of you singing, how close do the headphones sound to that? People don't have "sparkle" in their voice when they sing, or rumble for that matter.

    I've also found overly organic to also sound boring, though, so I try to find some kind of balance between organic and fun.

    Sorry for the essay lol.
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  10. fzman Contributor

    "Luke, you are my end-game iem"! (said in the voice of you -know-who :ksc75smile:
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  11. Malevolent
    Interesting. I, too, have a Note 8, but I've never once used the headphone out for listening to music. Might just give it a try, since your impressions slant toward the positive side of things.
  12. azeral
    I'm now the point with the Solaris that I've actually started to prefer them, fit-wise, over the other IEMs I own with associated shallow insertion.

    Attached is the the depth they sit WRT my outer ear. This depth for me maintains a perfect seal, even during a light jog, even if it feels *very* deep. Curious if this is the norm.

    I feel like these just need some time for those of us with smaller ears, and I'm not sure if my canals have adjusted after about 30 hours of wear, or if I just have oddly small ear geometry for 2 meter tall individual. It may be a little bit insane but I did start sleeping with earplugs in attempts to help these adjustments :)

    And the sound? Now that comfort is where it needs to be, I can start focusing on this, but I can't recall enjoying the Andromeda this much. For me, the bass integration keeps me from seeking only low OI sources, while sacrificing little anywhere else (perhaps a smooth mids presentation). Over the moon at the moment.

    More to come.

    *edit: I've learned that my ear canal is lined with bone, so my perceived comfort increase is actually a mystery to me; no way my brain "wired out" the discomfort in 30 hours*

    2019-06-03 11.54.09 3.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
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  13. candlejack
    Fit looks pretty good to me. If that's comfortable, sounds like you have a winner.
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  14. fokta
    Please do try, Its a good back up.

    and for me, Note 8 is very handy to search new song, since I used this for my daily smartphone.

    I find the Note 8 is the best Stack combo for song source player, just plug it wirely to any DAC...
    Wireless, hmm not that great, but will serve just find. the LDAC etc is quite buggy in soundwise...

    Pairing with Solaris, U might be surprised that it can delivery good decent bass...
    btw, make sure ur Note 8 is the Enyxos version, since the DAC used from Cirrus...
  15. subguy812
    I know this has been talked about ad nauseum but I have gone through every type of eartip I have, including customs, and the Spiral Dots give me the best seal and sound quality, so far with the Solaris.
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