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Campfire Audio Ref8 MMCX with AK 2.5mm termination

Trader History (3)
  1. haoyuan
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America
    E2512486-3B79-4605-A5FB-8AEB3DC086A0.jpeg 6461F2FA-6317-4FA9-9AE9-27A9D3616DE7.jpeg A15EAE7E-BBC9-4FA1-A197-D3BD1BAE9711.jpeg E58B96F0-B809-4E38-83A0-7DDFEFA296EA.jpeg Terminated it myself with an official Astell & Kern 2.5mm l purchased myself from Adorama.

    I have also removed the memory wire and only remove 1 out of 2 layer of shrink tubing. I have managed to keep it very clean. Some light marks on the splitter because it’s metal, but besides that the cable and jack conditions are perfect.

    Selling because I’m upgrading to SXC8 for andromeda.

    Wire has a bit of memory, but to make it very straight again just lightly blow at it using a blow dryer.

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