Campfire Audio Polaris - New CA IEM

  1. thatonenoob

    Was looking through a Singapore dealer's FB page and I happened upon this picture. Guess it's official that something is brewing. Couldn't find a dedicated thread, so might as well have one here I suppose for when the time comes. 12.08.17 is not December 8th, but August 12th. It's going to be a hybrid model, apparently lying somewhere in CA's "midrange". Interesting shell design - seems to draw from both lineups.

    As per @PCheung 's post below, the new IEM is called the Polaris. Seems to be using the "angular" shell with a plastic stem. 1BA, 1DD. Interesting! Find his original post here. The pictures seem to show a decently noticeable venting port. I do wonder if this might mitigate some of the "flexing" found on the small enclosures of the Vega-style earphones. The plastic stem should also resolve the condensation issue. Price range now set to be around 600 USD. As predicted, this falls squarely into CA's midrange.

    The earphone features:
    - BA + Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.)
    -Dynamic Driver + Polarity Tuned Chamber
    -Machined Aluminum Enclosure (Oregon)
    -Cerakote Lid + Anodized Body + 3D Printed Spout
    -Black Litz Copper Wire Cable​
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  2. thatonenoob
  3. PCheung
    The new iem from Campfire Audio named "Polaris"
    A 1BA1DD hybrid model with CA's signature shell design, but a different stem which made of plastic
    Come with a 3.5 Litz cable the same as other CA's iem

    Suggested retail price : HKD 4,680 (Around USD 600)

    Source :
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  4. thatonenoob
    Exciting! Looks like the Andro and Vega had a baby (sorta).
  5. tienbasse
    They should really stop with these angular shells.
    It may be built like a tank, but it's not very ergonomic to have these angles touching your concha..
    The plastic nozzle is a good idea however, for repairs and thermal insulation from the outside (to avoid the condensation afflicting full metal shell IEMs).
  6. thatonenoob
    I noticed the angular shells get scuffed pretty easy along the edges.

    Seconded on the condensation part.
  7. Surf Monkey
    I love the angular shell. My Jupiters fit my ears like a dream.

    On the Polaris, we'll need to see some response graphs for sure. I was hoping this would be a bit more exotic, so I'm less excited by it than the Andromeda, which is still my upgrade path from the Jupiter.
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  8. mochill
  9. thatonenoob
    -ly done.
  10. Jackpot77
    Will be interested to see what dynamic driver they have in there. If it's not another new design and they are using the beryllium driver from the Lyra II, then these could be a serious contender for the mid-fi throne. Roll on the 12th!
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  11. Dcell7
    Very interested in these. I was considering to demo the Nova and perhaps the Lyra II when i visit Hong Kong in November and these fall in the same price bracket.

    Hopefully they are not light on bass and have a wide soundstage.
  12. Jackpot77
    I think only the Orion out of the currently available lineup has ever been described as light in the bass region - I've owned the Nova, Lyra II, Andromeda, Dorado and Vega at various points and they all have at the very least a neutral or better bass response (in fact, the Dorado and Vega are practically basshead calibre).
  13. thatonenoob
    Agree with the above. Andromeda has ample bass, Vega obviously boosted.
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  14. knopi
    I think Campfire should do only one colour shell design, two colours do not look good in my opinion which is shame becouse blue or matte black would look cool.
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  15. Signal2Noise
    I often wonder about the design choice and whether they'd be comfortable sitting in the ear for a prolonged length of time. This is the only thought that prevents me on splurging on a pair.

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