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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. TooPoorForHiFi

    Thanks! I was just curious.
  2. czy6412
    Any comparison with Fiio FA7?
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  3. Tommy C
    Very curious about the sound but more than that, very disappointed to see a leather case when there are so many more sustainable and ethical materials out there.
  4. antdroid
    @jaydunndiddit Thanks for the early impressions! I also recall seeing your name and in conversations over at Massdrop! I also have Solaris and really loving it (besides the finicky fit). If IO is like an improved Orion, I'd consider buying one as well.
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  5. ouyangx
    Mine will arrive this Tuesday. Will post some impressions on this later
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  6. Luke-
    Any impressions Vs the Lyra ii ?
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  7. jaydunndiddit
    Not yet. I'm still getting a grasp on their sound sig to give my ears/brain enough time to adjust. Since lows are easier, I can say they're comparable to the Lyra II. They may hit a bit harder bit I'm still running the gauntlet on my bass heavy test tracks.

    I can say though for me, I do get some sibilance on 'S' sounds for both but the Polaris isn't as bad as the Lyra here. Neither are bad enough to make me wince but I do hear it. So, they both have a boost up top somewhere that I'm trying to pinpoint. There's an edge to certain sounds and instruments that really make them pop and cut through all the bass, but depending on the track (and listening volume) they can start to over reach a bit. Highs are clear as can be so that may be a plus for those that thought the Lyra was too polite in this regard.

    They don't sound as warm and mid-bassy as the Lyra but I'm still going through all my playlists so that opinion could change. They extend just as well and I'm going to venture have a slight boost in the sub region as on some tracks they can really rumble like the Atlas. They sound more balanced than the Lyra's and maybe not as scooped in the mids and I'm not detecting really any bleed from the lows.

    Hope that helps for now, but I'm really trying to resist the urge to bounce around between IEMs too much until I collect more notes for the new stuff.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  8. audio123
    In brief, the IO has quite a balanced sound with articulate bass, smooth midrange and crisp treble. The soundstage has good width and depth. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)

  9. candlejack
    Wow, the perfect iem, for 300 bucks no less. Thanks for the commercial!
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  10. Luke-
    Thanks from that look forward to further updates
  11. jaydunndiddit
    I've been listening to the IO pretty nonstop for the last couple of days now and I feel like I have deja vu. Sonically, they remind me of the Massdrop Plus and Ety ER4 the more I listen to them. They definitely have a boost in the moods and sound slight forward and plenty of energy up top without sounding edgy or bright. The lows are really my only gripe. They're not anemic but I wish they had some more meat behind them. Drums have snap and pop, but lack impact (especially bass drums). It's a little too polite here IMO despite everything sounding well extended and neutral.

    The highs aren't edgy but I'm suspecting there's a peak somewhere in the mid to upper highs as every now and then, I get a small taste of sibilance on 'S' sounds with vocals. It isn't bad and probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't listening for it, but it's there. For more casual listening, I doubt most will not be bothered with it.

    Overall, these are pretty dang smooth and balanced with vocals and guitars really popping out in a mix. Cymbals have good energy and the right amount of sizzle. Still getting a handle on the presence of other instruments but nothing is jumping out at me as "bad sounding," for lack of any fancier terms.

    I will say, staging wise, these are quite good at the price point. I don't detect much height, but they sound pretty wide and have a good amount of depth where nothing gets lost or sounds overlap. Imaging is also on point so I have a good idea where people/instruments are despite it all sounding to be on the same plane.

    I just want more from the lows despite realistically knowing a dual-BA IEM is only going to go so far here.

    Figured I'd drop some more thoughts as I haven't talked too much about the IO yet. Expect more as I get them humming along on my desktop setup as I've been using them with the xDSD at the moment.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  12. loris615
    Thanks for this, I read a lot of your reviews on Massdrop, I knew the avatar was familiar. I bought these blind, because I had just sent back my meze noirs because my ears are just having a hard time handling closed backs. I decided my best experiences so far have been IEMs so I was going to order the massdrop plus, but took a gamble on these. I am going to try them out tonight if my wife doesn't miss the doorbell. Also going away for a long trip at the end of the week, so this accelerated my decision process. The only hang up for me would be maybe wanting to step into a different sound signature with the Polaris, but based off the impressions so far (and what I figured these would be like) I think for $300 this is going to be just fine.
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  13. jaydunndiddit
    I think it'll boil down to how much you care about dat bass. But anyone shopping the MD+ or ER4 know they're not bass heavy by any means. If you're in the market for that sort of sig, I am finding the IO very competitive FR wise. Throw in the accessories and build and they just put more space between the competition IMO.
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  14. czy6412
    Would like to hear the comparison against Oxygen
  15. ExpatinJapan
    I dont know about the Massdrop plus or the ety ER4 ...

    .....but the rest (like the previous impression i also quoted) mostly echoes my experience so far of the IO

    Light bass
    Highs and vocals noticeable
    *I havent noticed sibilance but have not done the Coldplay test yet.
    Bit of a v shape
    Highs play a part and give air
    All rounder
    Foam tips add a wee bit to the low end and smooth out the top
    Staging and imaging are great
    guitars aans cymbals re great

    They fit well within the Campfire range and have the usual competence of a Campfire product but of course doesnt reach the performance heights of say the Andromeda or Solaris (but that is to be expected)
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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  16. zombywoof
    Mine arrived today. Will be doing some listening tonight. Have been listening to my Nova lately at the office. (Not well respected by others in the community, but I am not one of the Nova haters.) So, good opportunity to hear another dual BA configuration from CA.
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