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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. theveterans
    I now do like how Mojo sounds. Before I was into as neutral as possible but I now prefer warm these days. It sounds very akin to Andromeda Gold BTW without actually buying it. I don't own the Gold but I now like the slightly mellower sound that OG Andromeda + Mojo provides. I'm pretty sure you'll like the sound of Andromeda from Mojo since it's fatigue free. It just doesn't sound as airy or sparkly as the iPod Touch but that combo can sometimes sound a tad bright on trebly songs
  2. Rozzko
    So now you are listening iPod+mojo+Andromeda and you like it?

    And what mean "mojo(no qr)"? What is QR?
  3. Thesonofkrypton
    Having a hard time choosing between the Atlas, the Andromeda Gold and the Solaris. The latter of which will be pushing my budget a bit. There's no where to demo them here which is a bummer. I'm a sucker for matte black so the Andromeda Gold are whispering my name. I like a warmish sound and bass but not sure if the Atlas are too much on the bass front, at least that's what it sounds like from some folk.

    Will be pairing it with an iFi Micro BL / iFi Zen DAC at home and quite possibly the Fiio M11 Pro on the move.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  4. Tristy
    my comment the other day on the Atlas thread.

    “The Atlas is ridiculously fun and addictive. When I couldn’t listen to them for 2 weeks I was craving them. The Solaris is technically the best out of the lot, in detail, soundstage and giving that holographic feeling and I feel that it sits inbetween the atlas and andromeda in terms of bass. Satisfying sub bass rumble but nowhere near as satisfying as the atlas. The Solaris is more of an out of head experience. The andromeda is completely lacking in sub bass in my opinion but it excels in treble sparkle... not heard another earphone yet that is as airy. Good separation and a slightly wider stage than the Solaris but not as holographic and doesn’t give a perception of depth in the music. I would say the andromeda’s are the most versatile if you can live without the complete lack of subbass”

    I think the Andro gold fixes the sub bass issue I mentioned but looses some of the air in the treble of the original (in my opinion this is the one reason the andromeda really stood out to me) but I’ve heard good things about the Gold. You also lose out of the holographic nature of the Solaris. The Solaris really is like a weird, out of head speaker experience that you just can’t get with the other 2. The other 2 just sound like very good earphones. If it came down to it though and I had to choose one that I had to live with for the rest of my life it would probably be the Atlas, it’s just too fun and satisfying to pass up
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
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  5. theveterans
    I like the sound of it now though everything will depend on your preference
    Mojo no QR is Early batch of Mojo with white box and no QR code stamped in the enclosure between the headphone jacks
  6. Thesonofkrypton
    Thanks for your impressions. That's exactly my thinking, I will probably be wowed by the Solaris (holographic presentation) and Atlas (the bass) but as an everyday listening for hours set, perhaps the Andromeda Gold would be best suited.
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  7. panzercancer
    Hey guys, looking for your advice. I've got a nice opportunity to buy a new Andro S for around 800USD. I already have the Solaris though which sound awesome and I'm pretty happy with them.
    So the question is, do you think buying Andromeda S as a sidegrade worth it or not? Asking here since I'm unable to try the Andromeda before buying and there will be no returns.
  8. MarkF786
    Are the Andromeda S or Gold still available new anywhere?
  9. KingCharizard
    I mean, only you can answer whether the Andro S is worth it or not. If you have the budget for it and like collectibles, go for it. While I think S is the best Andro (by fine margins, OG and Gold are great too) and the Solaris is a very nice IEM too, I personally think owning more than one out of those four would be redundant. Bass impact, texture and subbass rumble on Solaris is definitely a step up so if that's important to you the Andromeda may not be worth it.

    Unless it's not a big deal financially, IMO a blind buy of the Andro S isn't worth it. You might be better off exploring different brands or sound signatures, or putting the money somewhere else altogether. My 2c.
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  10. Lookout57
    I have the Solaris and the Andromeda CK White and Gold SE. I originally bought the CK White to complement my Atlas. But once I got the Solaris I stopped using the CK White as I missed the warmth from the Solaris. I bought the Gold SE and I find them a great complement to the Solaris. I prefer the Gold SE over the Solaris for acoustic and vocals. The Solaris for immersion listening and the Atlas for head banging. I need to sell off the White CK.
  11. ExpatinJapan
    AZLA SednaEarfit tips (waiting for M sized delivery).
    A great pairing with Andromeda Gold.
    (thanks to @audio123reviews for the suggestion).



    * I am going to try them with a few other CA earphones. See if they unseat other favorite tips.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2019
  12. BobJS
    Absolutely thrilled with my OG Andromeda. Drop has the Massdrop X Noble Kaiser 10 Universal on sale for $600 which I've been eyeballing for quite a while.

    Please reassure me that pulling the trigger on those will totally disappoint me when compared with the Andromeda! (If I could even get them to stick in my ears)
  13. candlejack
    Agree with @KingCharizard here. I had and loved the Andro S. I also had the Andro Green and tested the Solaris many times. When I had the Andro S I didn't feel tempted by the Solaris. That is not to say that the Solaris is not a better IEM, just that it wasn't better enough for me to consider switching and there were definitely things I preferred on the Andromeda S.

    Knowing what I know, I would suggest not bothering with the Andromeda S if you're already happy with the Solaris, but then again, $800 is close to its second hand value, so if you're willing to spend the effort of selling them, you shouldn't lose too much.
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  14. Oscar-HiFi
    Pretty sure Selfridges in London have them to demo, except maybe the Black.
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  15. Thesonofkrypton
    Thanks for the information, wasn't aware of that. Will swing by one day and have a look.
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