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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. hellfire8888
    do you think FiiO LC-2.5/3.5/4.4-D Monocrystalline Pure Silver Earphone Cables is an upgrade over the Smokey Litz?
  2. mashuto
    Upgrade in terms of what? If thats a pure silver cable vs spc of the smoky litz, then the prevailing wisdom will be that pure silver will emphasize microdetail and clarity, while silver plated copper with have a bit more emphasis in the low end, while still being nicely detailed. Of course, I personally think that most sound changes from cables are either due to impedance differences or are minor at best and for me what I would look for most in a cable is ergonomics and to a much lesser extent, looks.

    So, I would think its likely a matter of which material you are looking for in a cable, pure silver, or silver plated copper?

    Unfortunately, I havent used the fiio cable, but I can say that out of the campfire cables I have tried (had original cables with the vega, polaris 1, and atlas) the smoky litz is the nicest cable they have made. No memory wire, nice looks, and its very very supple and not prone to microphonics. Campfire does however make a pure silver cable too (the cable that comes with the atlas). Its a nice cable, but not quite as supple or soft as the smoky litz. It has some slight microphonics, but its not too bad, but since its a bit stiffer it also tends to hold shape a bit, which is not as nice when you go to unroll it. And it has no ear guides at all, which may or may not be a plus for you. Its also $250 dollars vs $99 for the smoky litz.
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  3. Lookout57
    Cable and IEM matching is a dark science. I have a couple of expensive cables (ALO Gold 16 and Effect Audio Eros II+ 8 wire) that don't get along with some of my IEMs. The Gold 16 neutered the bass on the Andromeda Gold SE, but is a great fit for the Solaris. The Eros II+ 8 wire sucked the midrange out of the Solaris but is a great fit for the Atlas.
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  4. hellfire8888
    Thanks...you sum it up nicely for me.
  5. bwardrop
    The only time I have actually heard any real difference with cable switching has been with highly sensitive IEMs like the Massdrop Plus and Campfire Audio stuff. So while it can make a difference, I think getting a good fit and seal has a bigger impact on sound quality. It's also a lot cheaper and easier to play with different tips as they cost $15 to $20 compared to cables that cost hundreds of dollars.

    Personally, my next step will be custom molded eartips for the Andromeda Gold. I'll probably wait till SoCal CanJam to get them fitted.

    That being said, the only IEM cables that I really want to try are the Hulk and SXC 8. I might pull the trigger way down the road.
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  6. bwardrop
    I see you own bot the Gold and the SXC 8. Would you mind sharing how they are together?
  7. Lookout57
    Of all my cables I found the SXC 8 the best match for the Gold SE. It improved the bass details and definition. It also opened up the soundstage and made it more 3D.
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  8. cr3ativ3
    if you get these in balanced then yes ! :)
  9. hellfire8888
    symbio.jpg Cheapest upgrade for AG :)
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  10. cr3ativ3
    But the narrow the soundstage a bit ... compared to spiral dots , if they fit you both
  11. audio123
    I am using Azla Sedna tips with my AG :p
  12. akai008
    I own both the Symbio W and JVC spiral dot ear tips. Symbio W tips sound the best to my ears, but the spiral dots are the most comfortable while being close to the same sound quality. The foam in the Symbio W is just a tad bit too hard for me.
  13. IxIIxI
    Since I first wrote about my initial impressions with the AG, I have changed my DAP to SP1000Cu and running the AG balanced. It has been very enjoyable.

    Recently, I am contemplating to get a hybrid IEM or CIEM and have extended demo sessions with 64 Audio Trio, N8, Empire Ears Valkyrie etc. I also have a chance to try the A12t and Fourte etc.

    Each of these IEM has its own flavor, strengths & weaknesses, plus the fact that everyone's taste is different, so I think there is no point for me to say which is "better" than which.

    But during this comparison, I found that some of the standout attributes of the AG (as compare to the above IEM I tried) are its overall tonal coherence, treble clarity and imaging.

    Of course, there are things that the other IEM does better than the AG.

    What's more amazing is that most of the above IEM I tried has a higher price tag than the AG but in terms of sound, I think AG is in the same echelon.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
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  14. IxIIxI
    For tips rolling of the AG, I have tried Comply foam, Final Type E, CA original silicon, Spiral Dot (old version), AZLA Sedna and Symbio W.

    I found the Symbio W best for my preference but it is still not ideal. I found that the foam on the Symbio W is just a tiny teeny bit hard for my right ear. BTW, I use large size for all tips.

    Probably will try other hybrid silicon/foam tips in the future. Any suggestions?
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Symbio W.

    take the foam out. Same sound, great fit
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