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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. mashuto
    With the n6ii a01 and the andromeda gold, very little if any at all. And then I find myself doubting if the small differences I hear in "dynamics" are just due to volume level differences, because I am pretty sure there is a slight volume imbalance between the two. And I am very aware that louder volumes often equate to perceived quality improvements, all else being equal.

    So either thats a testament to an excellent single ended output on the n6ii/a01, or maybe I am just not sensitive enough to these rather small changes... or that balanced is just sort of unnecessary with IEMs, at least for me.

    Also, I have no "high end" cables, as I dont put much stock in aftermarket cables for sound differences (mainly for ergonomics), and have been pretty happy with the stock cable here. I was using stock andro cable, and the stock balanced cable that came with my obravo cupids (which is a pretty nice cable in its own right).
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019
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  2. bwardrop
    I've never been that big on cables changing the sound much, but I have noticed a change between cheaper cables and nicer cables only on sensitive IEMs. I noticed it on the Massdrop Plus and some of the CA stuff I've tried. I really like the smokey litz, but if someone ever comes out with a quality MMCX cable with a mic for gaming I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat. Right now I have a decent $30 cable on my Novas and use them for gaming. The Andromeda Gold is so much better for gaming, but I don't want to be switching cables all the time out of fear of ruining the connectors.

    I actually think my next step up won't be a cable at all, but custom molded ear tips for the Gold. I have the Symbio on the way so we'll see how that goes.
  3. ilovetoys
    Buy a desk mic. You just spent $1300 on IEM's. I feel you can afford a good mic and your teammates will thank you for it.
  4. bwardrop
    Fair point, but I don't play on PC I play on PS4. I have to either plug an IEM with a mic cable into the controller or use my DAC via optical out for the IEM's and plug a lavalier mic into the controller. Audio on PS4 is a pain the ass.
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  5. cr3ativ3
    With the PL or even with Ibasso dx120 it’s a night n day difference.. ok I use good cables .. the 10$ China eBay cables sounds like crap ... but u don’t have to spend 1000 on cables .. you can get real great ones for around 150 bucks
  6. ilovetoys
    Ah, console. There are however mixers that work with the ps4 that allow you to plug in xlr mics and can then go from the mixer to your headphones or the dac. But that's more for if you're highly competitive or streaming.
  7. cr3ativ3
    You could think over a good Bluetooth headset for gaming and the iems for enjoy you music :)
  8. bwardrop
    I think the answer is to just use my Nova's with the mic cable as my dedicated gaming setup. They are mid and high forward which gives plenty of detail for gaming. I'm really just being difficult, because I played a couple hours of Destiny last night through my Mojo on the Golds and the game just sounded so amazing. I can still do that when I'm not playing with my friends. I really just wish the PS5 allows us to use bluetooth. Sony really crippled high end audio by locking the PS4 audio.
  9. cr3ativ3
    Or switch to PC :D
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  10. ilovetoys
    I made my purchases primarily for gaming. I can attest to how amazing they sound and the imaging detail really shines in games like apex and pubg. I can't imagine ever going back to cans after owning these.
  11. mashuto
    My personal experience has told me that the thing that makes the most difference is the headphone/iem itself. Everything else is playing in the margins. Swapping cables, even sources are only going to make small differences. I realize thats not really the prevailing wisdom here, but thats how I have experienced things. Even the difference between my n6ii (which is an excellent dap and sounds wonderful) and playing out of my phone is not much. I realize this is one of those topics that people can have wildly different opinions on, but based on everything I have read and experienced, balanced offers no real benefit on its own and will likely come down much more to the design of the amp circuitry of the source. And looking at the specs of the a01 motherboard 4.4 vs 3.5 output, they are likely similar enough that unless I needed the extra power (I dont), there should likely be almost no difference, with the exception of output impedance being lower on the 3.5 output potentially changing the frequency response with the andromeda gold, and potentially for the better on 3.5, though likely close enough to again not make much difference.

    Its a little crazy to me that people use these for gaming... maybe I need to try it, though I do already have a nice dedicated gaming headset. Then again, they are expensive enough, might as well get use out of them.

    Hahah yes, this is clearly the correct choice.
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  12. cr3ativ3
    every hearing seems really to be different :D to my ears 3.5 sounds veiled in compare to a good bal out. but i cant comment for n6ii...
  13. cr3ativ3
    yeah i really like gaming with good iems too :) but i mainly buy them for the music
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  14. BananaOoyoo
    Golds are still trickling in locally, so anyone looking to get one should contact distributors, etc.
  15. iMongui
    Yesterday I received a cable from Penon Audio, OCC 8 Core balanced and oh god, I see that there is a dramatic improvement on the bass part that I never saw on a replacement cable. If everything goes correct I will do a full review of the cable this weekend, its amazing
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