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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Colors
    It has a really engaging sound. Those vocals too. They sound so direct.
  2. cr3ativ3
    I don’t think so , not as the gold edition
  3. thrgk
    Would an s9 be an ok source to use for the OG Andromeda? I currently use my phone or my fiio m6 with a Ikko oh1 but looking for a solid final iem purchase but wasn't sure if I would need a $500 dap to hear the difference.

    Thank you
  4. Colors
    Should be fine. Sounds good out of my S10E. Very surprising also. Zero hiss.
    candlejack likes this.
  5. ilovetoys
    I picked up the copper litz and my ears love it. Makes me want to try the ref 8 and sxc 8 now. Maybe the gold if I win big at the casino next week.

    This was a great hobby to jump into. I love tinkering and trying different things.
    cr3ativ3 and Tristy like this.
  6. Tristy
    This hobby makes you do strange things, the rabbit hole just goes deeper and deeper and your wallet ain’t gonna like it
    ilovetoys likes this.
  7. Lookout57
    I have all 3 cables as balanced.. Don't waste you money on the Gold 16 as I found it neutered the Andromeda Gold and stripped the bass away. The SXC 8 is the best match.
    ilovetoys likes this.
  8. ilovetoys
    Do you think they sound better with a balanced over single? I never thought to get balanced.
  9. DunkFealer
    I got a smokey litz and a silver litz both balanced with the AGs and I prefer them over my single ended stock cable.

    Additionally, I just got an ibasso dc01 to compare it to my AK100ii, and I've got to say this little thing is impressive. Feels a bit warmer/smoother than my AK DAP but almost intangibly so.
    ilovetoys likes this.
  10. BobJS
    $350 for a cable? For that money, I hope it acts as a source as well. Maybe you could pick up Hi-Res FM? <snark emoji>
  11. cr3ativ3
    the answer is easy . yes ! balanced is the way to go !
  12. cr3ativ3
    1C5D5EDD-7687-4B37-BF4D-222CC893ED7F.jpeg I use forza audio works pure copper mk2 at the moment , beautiful pair up , the sound and the looks
  13. mashuto
    I personally am not sold on the benefits of balanced vs unbalanced, as I think a well designed single ended output can obviously very easily power a sensitive IEM like these. I know there is supposed to be less crosstalk and potentially a better signal to noise ratio, though I have a feeling its all within the inaudible range or extremely subtle at best. I know some claim big differences, but I have just never heard the types of differences people talk about.

    However, I think if someone already has balanced sources, balanced cables are likely the way to go, because you can always use an adapter to make it single ended whereas you cannot go the other way.

    Personally I have been looking at the dunu hulk as I like the idea of easily swappable connectors, and it looks like the thick gauge copper construction would likely play well towards the sound signature I want from my andro golds (namely giving them just a bit fuller bass), though again I think cables likely only make tiny sound differences, if any at all. So for me ergonomics would be king, and I worry a bit about the hulk since its a big cable. And I have been quite happy with the smoky litz. Its the nicest campfire cable I have used. More supple than the silver litz that comes with the atlas, and the molded ear hooks are miles better than any memory wire (previously used the cable that came with the vega and polaris v1). Also briefly owned the ref 8 cable and heard no audible differences on the vega I was using it with, and the ergonomics were terrible, very stiff and super microphonic.
  14. ilovetoys
    Oh yeah, I forgot to ask how are the microphonics on the SXC 8 cable? That is something that drives me insane as I'm always moving even when in my chair.

    Wish I would of found that hulk cable earlier I probably would of ordered that. I didn't think to look for cables beyond Campfire or ALO. I ordered another copper in balanced to see if I can notice a difference before I commit to purchasing the SXC 8.
  15. cr3ativ3
    I see in you signature, you have the n6ii , do you really hear no difference in 3.5 to 4.4 out ?
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