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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. Rusty48
    Hello world. I’ve just joined after seeing the comments re the Andromeda Special Edition Gold, and wanted to add my experience.
    I’ve had a few (mostly over ear) ‘phones over many years and like equipment that lets me hear what is in a recording. Sennheiser have a place in my heart and brain for quality, reliability and sound quality, eg the hd280 with swivelling earpieces that make live mixing a breeze. Dissatisfied with airline cheap overears, I tried a pair of Sennheiser cx80 iem’s (not sure if that’s the correct model) and liked the sound quality plus reduced engine noise. Unfortunately they were in a backpack that was stolen (long story...). After reading a little, the Beyerdynamic Soul Byrds grabbed my attention. The bass was supposedly a little light, but mids and highs highly acceptable, and you can listen to them in bed, unlike most other iem’s. I know, I’m cheap.
    That was two months ago. Soon after buying the Soul Byrd’s, I heard a John Darko podcast where he told Jeff Dorgay (Tone Audio) about Campfire Audio iem’s. Uhuh, noted, maybe a bit beyond my budget, but something to listen to one day...
    Roll forward to August and the Hong Kong Advanced Audiovisual Exhibition (a fun hifi show, btw). Oh, there’s the Campfire Audio stand. Spoke to one of the CA gents who told me about the new special edition gold that was being shown for the first time. That seemed a reasonable place to start. OMG, that’s goood!
    The same gent then described the different characteristics of the different models and prices (gulp!). So I listened to Polaris 2 (yep, plenty of bass), Io (yep, plenty rockin’) and the updated (green) Andromeda. Of the three, the green Andromedas had the best mids and highs, but... back to the ‘Golds’. Nuh, that bass is better resolved, and the sound is smoooth, no lumps or bumps from bass to treble. And the soundstage! You can hear where each musician is, and what they’re doing. Extraordinary.
    To check my perceptions, the Beyerdynamic stand was nearby, so I listened to ‘my’ SoulByrds and was shocked - there was zero bass and they sounded like tin cans when compared to what I had just heard. Uh oh. Sennheiser pro 400, 500, same. Their true wireless, same. Fenders, same. Some others, same. Starting to wonder about my sanity, I had to go and look at other hifi (and there’s plenty) before I blew the equivalent of a return plane fare ticket to Europe. Went back to my hotel, did the internet homework thing and went back the next morning and bought the things. Owning an iPhone 7, I’m aware of Apple’s 3.5mm to lightning connector limitations sound wise, so I added an Orb connector. Yeah, that’s better.
    Seriously, you’d need to spend 20-30k on a hifi system to equal the sound quality. Having owned EAR Acute 2 CD player, Accuphase E-600 and Martin Logan Summit X speakers, I know this.
    Something reviewers allude to, but don’t explain, is the detail. It’s not just clearer, sharper notes. I’m hearing _layers_ of detailed rhythmic patterns in music that I’ve known intimately for the last 20 years and haven’t heard before. That’s right, the old ‘never heard before’ cliché. But it’s true. I put my phone (yes, I bought all this music) on shuffle and love it, even the badly recorded, compressed stuff, because now I can hear the difference.
    So I’m not surprised CA no longer have these in their online shop. Yeah, yeah, there will be some in shops around the world, but I tell you, if one of those shops is near you, buy ‘em.
    In conclusion, three things:
    I have no connection with CA (apart from taking a pic of Ken Ball and co and posting it on Sterenet Australia in a report of the HK show - yes boys, I’m still raving);
    Make sure you choose the correct eartips (or whatever you call them, the Final ones suited me) - when you can hear nothing outside your head the soundstage _really_ opens up;
    No desire to hear Solaris, don’t need or want to, Nirvana is here.
    p.s. my wife still prefers her Soul Byrds, her ears are very small. No comment. :wink:
    p.p.s. Does that answer your question, gazzington?
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  2. cr3ativ3
    38646020-837F-4111-8D7C-B26E3EE77109.jpeg 0A0B0B8E-E613-4079-8673-CB396CB7CE20.jpeg 80E6BB8F-1188-472D-BE40-72F2728CAE9E.jpeg 1EF0BB31-1595-45C3-93BF-D15F137333A9.jpeg
    yay they arrived today :)
  3. iMongui
    I bought Symbio W tips as the Spiral Dots don't satisfy on a 100% how they sound...
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  4. cr3ativ3
    i will try all i have . final , accustone ,spin fits , symbio , spiral dots , some cheap form amazon :D but i will start with spirals .. they are the best match for solaris.. and the nozzle is the same .. lets see :)
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  5. cr3ativ3

    so after a real quick first compair.
    AG is thicker sounding
    Solairs is more airy

    AG has more midbass punch
    Solaris has better Subbass.

    Soundstage is great on both

    need more listening time :D :D

    hiss level is very similar with Fiio Q5s
    didnt listen yet with the Plenue , but its dead silent with solaris so i think it will be with AG too
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  6. Lookout57
    SXC 8, brings out the bass, opens up the sound, smoother sound.
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  7. gazzington
    Lol yes thanks!
  8. cr3ativ3
    Forza AudioWorks pure copper mk2 seems to be a good match too
  9. twiceboss
    Wonder your source can handle the hissing of balance output of AG :O
  10. cr3ativ3
    Yes it can , dead silent on plenue L
  11. cr3ativ3
    Q5s do hiss with ag and Solaris ..
  12. twiceboss
    as expected. I dont have high end daps for sensitive iems but it was dead silent single ended on my s10plus :)
  13. M3NTAL
    I don't have the Solaris anymore, but the I thought the nozzle was different than the Gold. The gold is longer and thinner than the Solaris from my memory. I also have gone with symbios on the Gold vs. the spiral dots that worked great on the Solaris.
  14. cr3ativ3
    B9C5CF85-273E-46C5-831B-7D5821F6ADAC.jpeg C82CA0E5-EE71-41A7-83E0-13C4D2E895CB.jpeg

    A little bit
  15. cr3ativ3
    13FA2ACC-65C1-46B4-808B-5256143598BC.jpeg Both with spirals
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