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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. HarlanDraka81
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  2. ostewart
    I've just done a quick A/B test between my Pixel 3a phone and my Audio Opus #2 with the same track, and yeah there's a big difference. Pixel 3a sounds a little thin and slightly harsh, Opus #2 is more refined and full bodied.

    I don't know the output impedance of the Pixel, but the Opus #2 is 2 Ohms.

    Adromeda's are still one of my top favourite IEM's, and I also tested against the SE846 today which I have always personally found to lack cohesion and sound a little harsh in the upper midrange.

    Personal opinion of course, but the Andromeda is end game for a lot of people, even though I have my 64 Audio A6t's I would still love to own a pair of Andromeda's with custom silicone tips.
  3. Colors
    Seems like I got my third Andromeda (new this time).

    Hoping for good results :)
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  4. Caruryn
    I'd love to see them reviewing Solaris and giving them a 2 star review.They will have buses with angry headfier owners camping outside uk headquarters waiting for them to sneak out:sweat_smile:.
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  5. candlejack
    Why would anyone care? Or are you the type who wears the included CA pin with pride? :)
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  6. Caruryn
    Couldn't care less.Too busy enjoying life.
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  7. Mirimar
    Hadn’t even crossed my mind to wear the CA pin but after reading this review I think I’ll start wearing it in protest, because to not wear it now would “lack cohesion” :p
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  8. theveterans
    F9765894-682F-48E1-AE7C-907D09BD4EC0.jpeg Now wearing my Campfire Audio Andromeda pin as a protest for lacking cohesion!
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  9. twiceboss
    I tried fully clamped ksc75 and that kind of sound that i love. Any iem has that sound?

    Haha maybe that is impossible but ill be getting isine20
  10. dr cornelius
    I think that's the most negative Andromeda review I've seen. I'm new to these IEM's - I just got a pair last week. My guess is that they didn't take the time to find the correct tips, for a good fit. I'm still looking for the right ones for myself, and I've noticed a very different sound, depending on how the tips fit. Either no bass, or too much - but I can tell that there's potential there, I just have to find the right combo for my ears/taste. Also, the fact that they preferred the 846 over the Andromeda, says a lot too..

    BTW, does anyone know of a good tip that's similar the the Campfire tips, but between the Medium and Small in size? Thx!
  11. BananaOoyoo
    If that’s how they feel about the Andromeda, I wonder what they think of CA’s other IEMs. To me, Andromeda/Andromeda S is still the best IEM Campfire’s produced to date.
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  12. Mirimar
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  13. dr cornelius
  14. Colors
    Atlas is good too if you like that kind of sound signature. I also really like the Orion. It’s a keeper for me.
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  15. BananaOoyoo
    Tried them both! (And every other CA IEM outside the original Lyra and Equinox)

    I think the Orion is solid, especially at the $100-200 range it’s available at these days. I hate, hate, hate the Atlas though. I get that some people like them, but to me, they’re just heavy, uncomfortable bass cannons that don’t do anything else well - I’d much rather have something from Empire’s X series.
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