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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. twiceboss
    My current fav eq - slight mid bump for my just-arrived-today ca andromeda


    Spoiler alert: not for every song. Prefer stock still
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  2. hiflofi
    I know Campfire/ALO read HF occasionally and I haven't been getting any response/information on this topic, so I guess this is my last resort.

    I returned my Andromeda S to my dealer for an RMA in the middle of last month, who stated they'd send it to their supplier, and eventually back to ALO.

    It's been a long month (and counting) without it and I'm starting to get worried about its status, especially since I haven't received any updates on it. If an ALO/Campfire representative on HF could get back to me (PMs or otherwise) on this subject, it would be a great relief.

    Hoping to get a response. Fingers crossed!
  3. twiceboss
    So i wonder what amp is the best synergy with andro? Please dont quote an expensive amp. Basically a portable amp. I have es100 already but it is really warm amp.

    I need an amo that will create airy situation. Better separation. Better soundstage. Like really really change the sound.

    Any suggestions? :)
  4. twiceboss
    Do you have an es100 to compare with??
  5. theveterans
    IMO, amp isn't really a necessity as it will give more background noise than straight out of portable device. IE Match may very well be your solution. I use an iPod Touch 7G and that gives closer to neutral signature with Andromeda but not perfectly neutral and open sounding like out of balanced DAPs for example.
  6. twiceboss
    Damn you are uaena!!! Me tooo <3

    Btw, why people keep making 1omh and above for the output impedance? Do andromeda works better with higher impedance?

    I wanna open the sound more. I love the highs and the bass currently but if i can open the soundstage and separation more to shine the mids, that's my goal!
  7. smok88
    Sorry I don’t the es100 to compare. With the Dragonfly Red you will need the iEMatch as you can hear the hissing. But i think the combination sounds similar to the HD800, with the HD800 having a wider soundstage and clearer highs. I think the mids sound a tad fuller on Andromeda over the HD800.
  8. mattiav
    I agree it is not a necessity, but it can add extra ‘air’ and dynamism to the listening experience - the Andro S on my iBasso DX220 with the stock Amp1mkII (low gain setting and single ended until I get around to building some balanced cables) has both a blacker background/less hiss and sounds significantly nicer than my iPhone 6s+ or my wife’s Samsung S9. Can’t recommend a specific amp first hand though.
  9. Earbones
    So thinking of what to pick up now that the Andros are a bust for me... Anybody heard the Dorado? From what I’m reading, it might be up my alley... Seems to be smoother and rounder than the Vega with bass that hits just as deep, and mimics some of the things I did like about the Andro without the things I didn’t... Any input very appreciated.
  10. mattiav
    What exactly are you looking for? I have the Andro S which is a little thicker in kids and bass but still Andro sound from what I can gather, and the Atlas which has fantastically thick bass and - once you’re attuned to the bass - the rest of the spectrum is also really quite lovely.

    There’s always Solaris if you want to stay with CA: dynamic driver bass and sparkle in the upper end?
  11. Earbones
    I really like the lower and proper mids on the Andro, very detailed, very natural, with excellent timbre. I also liked the upper treble. Very extended, yet not sibilant or harsh. Nice and sweet.

    What I disliked was the lack of bass (I found it roughly comparable to an SE535), but even more than that, I found the upper mids and lower treble really shouty and fatiguing... And oddly lacking in detail in this register. Like that register was so forward that it was experience “shout bloat” or something.

    Also, I found this register almost sentient in it’s ability to find the most obnoxious sound-effect aspect of any given song and scream it. My nickname for the Andro is the “More Cowbell IEM”... Listening to Don’t Fear the Reaper, it will grab the cowbell and bang you over the head with it. The digital wood block effect on Hungry Like the Wolf? Hammered into your ear. How about Black Francis’ “uh-huh-huh” whisper on Tame? Yeah, that will be pushed through your skull and out the back. It’s uncanny. I kind of wanted to go down a masochistic rabbit hole of listening to well-known songs that have a strange effect under the mix, to see if the Andro would isolate the effect and abuse me with it. I bet Pet Sounds would have been a bloody nightmare. Or anything by the Strokes. But I didn’t take the time. Because I literally had an earache after like 20 minutes of listening.

    Wait, you asked me what I’m looking for, not what I hate. Sorry. I guess it can be reverse-engineered from the above rant, ha ha. But to clarify:

    -Lower mid impact and detail like the Andro
    -Upper treble in the same vein as the Andro
    -Deeper, more impactful bass than the Andro. By a lot.
    -Smoother upper mids and smoother lower treble than the Andro. Nothing shouty or fatiguing.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
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  12. smok88
    Sounds like the Solaris may fit bill. I don’t have it but they are lots of reviews on line. Search for comparison to Andromeda.

    Alternatively you can try a different cable. I am picking up the SXC8 cable today and will listen to the differences.
  13. Wheel Hoss
    Very interesting to me. Demoed the Andromeda’s @ Audio46 couple weeks back. The experience was so sublime I’ve had the Andromeda’s on the brain ever since. I’ve never had such a holographic musical experience outside of live bands. I felt like the instruments were all around me in the most extraordinary way. I wonder if over time I’d notice any of your complaints, as I’m usually very sensitive to boosted upper mids (which is why Atticus is life).
  14. TaronL
    I'd recommend reaching out to Campfire direct on this one. They are very responsive to customer support e-mails and depending on the damage, are pretty quick with getting RMAs turned around.
    headphones.com Stay updated on headphones.com at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.headphones.com/ andrew@headphones.com
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  15. Sebastian000
    I have the ES100 and an iFi micro BL. ES is good enough for me when i need a portable solution and I also use it when sleeping with the Andro's in my ears.

    ...but the iFi for me is in a different league. Opens up the soundstage, better imaging, brings the mids forward , has a great bass boost and no hiss. It also gives you control over the output impedance so you can choose whatever sound siganture you prefer.
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