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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. rawrster
    I really don't see what the big deal is. This happens all the time even in this industry. For example many companies order custom headphone drivers to their specs and others are not able to purchase it.

    Although if given the option I'd take the green over the white.
  2. willowbrook
    The white looked really good in official picture, not so much in reality...
  3. timeslip
    I just happened to be in HK during the audio show and picked up a andromeda white (called Snow White). I spent quite a bit going back and forth between the Vega & White andromeda. I couldn't decide on the two, and due to the limited release of the andromedia.... I decided to buy both and make a decision later. If someone has some serious interest, i'll put you on the priority list if I decide to keep the vegas. PM me
  4. KEV G
    Think I'm with you on taking the green over the white, just doesn't look "Andromeda" in any other colour!!! Or it could just be the Irish in me.
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    Not sure what your point is as any and all US based companies not supporting their own home based customers makes NO sense.
  6. Hi-Fi'er
    Like who? Who besides Campfire that is in the US won't support their own customers? Never seen that, sorry.
  7. KEV G
    If I think I could sell 500 units of white Andromedas in my country and make a profit or just to break even and create more potential future customers, that's a gamble I can take. CA may not think it's a viable exercise to take on, what with the release of the Polaris and who knows if there is anything in the pipeline we don't know about that is round the corner.
    Hi-Fi'er likes this.
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    That is what I was thinking, buy all the units in white and sell back to US customers. That would make CA look stupid. LOL
  9. Clemmaster
    The point is that it is not unusual for international companies - be them based in the US - to offer different products (or variant of products) that you can only find in such and such country.
    Cars, TVs, ... They're usually different between Europe and the US and the home country is not required to offer all the variants for the home customers.
    Same thing here. Campfire signed a deal with an Asian distributor and made a white variant of the Andromeda *for* the Asian market.
    They have no obligation to offer the same product at home.
    They're still true to their claim of sourcing and building everything in the US, as far as US products (sold in the US) are concerned.
  10. Hi-Fi'er
    I still don't see why they CAN'T be flexible and offer this to the US? Why is that so hard or impossible to do? It's not rocket science. They should be offering variety and flexibility not catering to a "group" which limits their exposure and potential customers. No matter the explanation it's a bad business model to follow. As a company (small) to make revenue, the idea should be to be flexible and expand not limit and close doors. It's kind of like Massdrop only sell to the US and not anyone else, horrible decision. They are losing SO many customers by this. There is a reason why Amazon is #1 online place to purchase items, anyone can buy anything from anywhere! Logical, it's not how they started off but that's the point, they expanded quickly and logically and revene is insane.

    I still think it's lame, sorry I can't be convinced (not yet logically) that this is a GREAT idea by CA or by any company for that matter.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  11. KEV G
    What happens if the Asian distributor only manages to sell 50-80% of their order ?
  12. Clemmaster
    It might be expensive for them to handle multiple SKUs (stocking, warranty, logistics). For all we know, that Asian distributor could be responsible for it (warranty and repairs).

    I will call Audi and ask them to sell me the same A4 they sell in Germany, here, in the US. I'm sure they'll laugh, but I will give them an entitled speech. Who knows? It might work!
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  13. Clemmaster
    I'll buy all leftovers and sell to Hi-Fi'er at a premium.
  14. Hi-Fi'er
  15. Hi-Fi'er
    But you can get any color Audi you want here is the US! Ha. But what grinds my gears is how CA is able to for less include the balanced extra cable to others and not us? Lame again. Logic would dictate the masses should be getting the deal not the small limited run people.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
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