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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. PCheung
    Done something funny a few days ago
    Made two Crystal cable next in to one with OFC Pentaconn 4.4
    Listen with my Andromeda and Sony WM1Z :L3000:

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  2. zardos
    Are there eartip collections with wax grid available for the Andromeda, like those that come with the Sennheiser IE800? I know I could buy Comply foams with wax guard, but I'd really like to have high quality silicon tips with a metal grid.
  3. zardos
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  4. Hi-Fi'er
    Look into Ostry tips, but they have a filter for sound though. The blue's have very little to no effect. Only silicone tips I know that has a filter but it's really a "filter."

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  5. ubs28
    How does it sound with the Sony DAP's? And is the Sony DAP better than the latest DAP from Questyle?
  6. zardos
    Personally I think the Sony NW-WM1Z is an overkill for the Andromeda. This DAP is able to even drive my HD800S very nicely. How does it sound to me? Very special for an IEM. Open, airy, organic, in-your-face highs, nicely textured rather moderate base. The overall sound sig somehow reminds me of old Grado cans. About the Questyle I can't say anything in comparison.
  7. PCheung
    If using Andromeda with WM1Z, upgrading the cable is a must
    the Litz cable limited Andromeda's performance with WM1Z
    REF 8 and SXC 8 is nice IMO
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
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  8. zardos
    Yes. Thanks. Ref 8 is already on it's way to me. Same for the Vega.
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  9. goodvibes
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
  10. ForceMajeure
    This was posted on the facebook page of Zepplin&co. It's a place in Singapore...

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  11. blazinblazin
    A new TOTL hybrid?
  12. alchemical
    Connect IT posted on its Facebook about a new mid-tier IEM in the line-up.
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  13. goodvibes
    New 2 driver BA would be my guess.
  14. Gavin C4
    I wonder how is the andromeda compare to the SE846? I am looking for something that has a similar treble and clarity in vocals like the HE1000. (I know is not good to compare Cans with IEM.) The SE846 lacks excitement in treble and the vocals seem dark. As a result, I always find myself going back to the SE215 from time to time.
  15. korvin12
    Might be a hybrid instead
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