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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ubs28
    I don't think it's a seal issue because even with the largest silicone tips, the sound stays the same. I guess it could perhaps be my ear canal that makes the hole of the spinfits smaller that it should be and thus starts to act as a filter?

    I am experiencing the opposite indeed. If I take the Sennheiser HD 650 as reference, with the silicone and foam tips it is quite close. But with the spinfits it is way too bassy and dark on the Mojo.

    Is there a impedance graph available for the Andromeda by any chance?
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  2. ajaxender
    Spin-fits measure similar to foam tips - actually, I remembered why I 'know' that, it came straight from Ken Ball. Brooko will have the same email (the measurements of my Novas). But of course seal is more important than that for any given person. It does seem they don't allow a perfect seal with many people (I can say they seal well for me but eg spiral dots slightly more so). Perhaps ubs28 is getting too good a seal (I get that with spiral dots on some IEMs).
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  3. ubs28
    I guess so. I suppose I will check out the latest Questyle DAP next week to see how it sounds on them. Hopefully it will keep the treble alive with the spinfits as I like the comfort alot more than all the other tips.
  4. audionewbi
    I read Campfire audio is due to release a new product 12/august.
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  5. EndGameSearch
    Is it really possible to get "too good of a seal"? I experience the same thing with the spinfit. I've never had an IEM and tip combo that seals so completely and easily. Every time I remove the IEM I can feel and hear the suction break. I can also generally hear my heart beat with these tips when the music isn't playing which tells me they are not seated deeply even though the seal is perfect. With many of my DAP/DAC combos I'm pleased with the spinfit combo. I favor more of a HD800S reference sound (which is hard to get to with the Andros) over HD650 and the Mojo is just horrible with the Andros (Hugo 2 is much better but still benefits from an IEMatch(). Comply Isolation Tips cut the bass and bring up the treble on my Andros but do the opposite on my ISINE 20 and LCDi4's. Regardless, there isn't a tip that will make the Mojo + Andro combo work for my tonal preference.
  6. ajaxender
    I think so, at least for some people. What I think is over-seal sounds excessively bassy, and muffled; like the pressure is too high, sound isn't being portrayed correctly, details are lost. Depends on how tolerant your ears are to being sealed and pressurised, I guess - mine aren't very. I tend to struggle with anything not well vented (Adel/Apex is nice, really nice for me actually, but obviously limits you to two IEM lineups).

    You could try james444's tip mod, where you hold a thin strip of silicone alongside the nozzle of the IEM and just slightly over the front edge, then put the tip on - can be finicky but get it right and it provides a pressure release, and also tends to shift the perceived balance towards the high end, depending on the reduction in seal. I do this with my Vegas, but with strips of 3M foam, because I didn't need or want the effect to be too strong and cos 3M foams are so damn cheap and easy to cut up. Foam wasn't enough for the Novas, though. I need to try the silicone because the Novas get neglected and they deserve better.

    I have a Mojo too. I think from listening and reading about it that there are a few reasons why it is perceived as quite warm (while measuring nominally flat, as you'd hope), but particularly with the Andros given how they go with really low impedance. The tip mod might help, but it just might not be a combination that works for you, like the Vegas with the Mojo for me (too thick and smooth). On the other hand, last I tried it with the Novas, I quite enjoyed it. I think they act similarly with impedance as the Andros but they're flatter in the low end to begin with.
  7. EndGameSearch
    That tip mod solution sounds pretty interesting but I'm starting to think the Andros just aren't for me. With many genres of music they sound fantastic but I primarily listen to classical while wearing phones when working (vocals distract me to much). I've found some really good combinations of gear and classical music with the Andros but it is so inconsistent and the variables with this IEM have such a significant impact that I'm spending more time experimenting than enjoying them. The signature is so incredibly different depending on the source it's really starting to be a pain. When it comes to my tonal preference I'm clearly in the minority so may have simply selected the wrong IEM to begin with based on my interpretation of the many reviews I read. It seems like many users are trying to warm them up, aiming for an HD650 like sound. I want crystal clear and transparent layering with each instrument perfectly separated. With the right combination I can make this happen but then I switch tracks or sources and the search begins again. I'm tired of changing tips, sources, EQ, adding IEMatch to the mix etc over and over to correct what my ear hears as a problem.

    I was having fun trying to get the perfect sound out of the Andros but last night I was reminded of what it should be like. I put on my HD800S, plugged them into my Woo WA8 and hit play on Roon/Mac. No, eq, no IEMatch, no tinkering and it was perfect, track and track and track. Then I did the same thing with my LCDi4's running through Hugo 2. Perfection. I add a little EQ through Roon as the icing on top of the cake but that's to further enhance my enjoyment, not to solve a problem.

    The HD800S and LCDi4 are wonderful but I still need an IEM that isolates while delivering roughly the same bright and airy tone. Any one else that listens to classical (or acoustic) music and appreciates a brighter sound and has found the perfect combo for the Andromeda please let me know. For me though I think the search continues for the perfect IEM and these will end up on ebay at some point. They're great, but I'm looking for less hassle and more consistency. Any other IEM recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I haven't found a local dealer where I can demo IEM's so I'm stuck reading reviews and taking chances. After two months of searching I still don't know which top of the line IEM will hit the mark but am willing to spend what it takes.
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    Since you aren't currently able to attend a Head-Fi-type meet where you can listen to a number of IEMs - living in NC, I would personally purchase a number of IEMs from my local Best Buy, and find the one(s) that I find out sounds the best for me, using various eartips that I purchased online to get the best fit that I can with them (such as SpinFit, Westone Sample Pack, the list goes on and on). I can then get a refund on the ones that I don't end up loving. You can try that, and then go back to reading reviews, purchasing IEMs that may or may not work for you if listening to a variety of IEMs first-hand from a brick-and-mortar store doesn't work out for you.

    Edit - I guess you won't try trying out the IEMs nearest you (I didn't see a response to my suggestion) - if you do/will (as an upcoming response) my apologies -- let us know what you decide to do either way.

    Good luck on your endeavors!

    Just so this post has reflection on the Andromeda, it's going to be nice to test out the newest version of custom tips for the Andromeda, since the first version didn't work out for me very well. We shall see.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  9. goodvibes
    Just put add 3 ohms of resistance in series to the source. Very easy to make a 3.5mm male to female adapter with a pair of resistors in one end. It will drop the bass to where tips will be more tweak than necessity for your tastes.

    I have rewired a Shure earphone attenuator to simple adjust inline resistance and will have a pair of Andromeda soon enough to play around with the load to vary the low frequency level to taste. The thing about IEMs is that they are normally used on the run and in noisier environs. It's better to err warm as it will sound more correct with a little background noise masking the bass. There is no optimum for everyone in every situation.
  10. bartzky
    I'd suggest the InEar ProPhile 8 or the Vision Ears VE6 X2 :)
  11. ubs28
    Maybe try the Hifiman RE2000. It is not lacking in treble and it's soundstage capabilities is pretty good too.

    It is a bit too V-shaped and bright according to my ears, but atleast it is not lacking treble.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  12. EndGameSearch
    All though this is probably a perfectly viable option, it adds to the point I was making. First off I wouldn't know where to begin making this mod, but it also seems funny to spend $1,100 and then modify what you get to suite your needs when there are so many other choices. I'm really looking for plug and play but do not have much experience with IEM's. Fortunately Amazon fulfills some high end units and their return policy extends to those purchases. Oddly enough I live in Charlotte which has a decent size population but we only have high end home audio store that do not carry high end portable gear in stock.

    I'll look into both, thanks.
    I had read a review on the RE2000 but will look again. I think part of my problem is my inability to align what I know sounds "right" to the reviews and wording of others. I've been into audio for quite a while but only recently starting reading the forums etc. Everyone has different taste and opinions so it's a challenge. Based on my brief description, would you say I am actually looking for more of a U shaped curved? I had always viewed my preference as a flat neutral tuning, with possibly a little lift on the high end but again I haven't listened to enough gear to know for sure. I just know my two current open back rigs (Woo WA8 + HD800S and Hugo 2 + LCDi4) are exactly the sound I'm aiming for in an IEM form factor. Wouldn't those be more reference tuned set ups?
  13. ubs28
    I was thinking of the RE2000 because it definetly has a lift in the treble which is what you wanted.

    If you like the HD 800 S, then you should be aiming for neutral IEM. I am not sure which IEM is best since I didn't hear an other IEM with a better tonal balance than the Andromeda.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  14. EndGameSearch
    Thanks... Andromeda does hit the mark for me with my iphone SE (but lacks other dynamics), with an IEMatch going through my Hugo 2 (I feel the IEMatch can take away a bit of detail but not much if it does) and with my Woo WA8 it's great (but that's transportable, not portable). I really don't like it with the Mojo + and IEMatch. That said, all of these set ups are good but they are all very different from each other.
  15. bartzky
    I don't know the LCD i4 but I guess Audeze aimed for a similar signature as for the LCD 4. So basically when reading reviews and opinions you should look out for terms like neutral, reference or even analytical, revealing and bright. It may be helpful to read up some reviews of the HD800S, LCD i4 and Andromeda to get a starting point. It certainly would be nice to find some reviewers that have covered the headphones you know/own and the ones your interested in.
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