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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. KEV G
    My Andromedas were delivered today and all I can say for the moment is WOW, so smooth and detailed. Using them in my DX200, more than enough bass for me. Only been listening for about half an hour, everyone has gone to bed, so it looks like I may be up for a few hours yet. Glad to be in the Andromeda club.
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  2. JaeYoon
    hey is there a safe way to remove the memory wire!
    :c it's annoying AF
  3. KEV G
    Just listened to The Final Cut by Pink Floyd or should I say, Roger Waters on my new Andromedas and am blown away. So much so, I had to listen to it again. Haven't had that happen for a long time, they really are out of this world.
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  4. Surf Monkey
    This is similar to my experience with the Jupiter. At some point I'm planning on an Andromeda upgrade.
  5. KEV G
    Just put the Ibasso CB13 cable on the Andromedas and they seem to sound a little warmer,little more bass. Or it's my imagination, either way I don't care, loving em. Beth Hart is sounding even more amazing now. Think I'll try Pink Floyd The Wall next, these Andromedas are keeping me every night. What a great reason for not being able to sleep :L3000:
  6. Hi-Fi'er
    Yes, remove the clear shrink tubing, and expose the wire all the way to the MMCX connector. With pliers get a good solid grip and pull out straight. Very easy.
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  7. blazinblazin
    So awesome once i put it on i keep thinking "one more song before i go to sleep" and it nv happened lol.
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  8. KEV G
    I have read somewhere on head-fi that BAs do not need burning in, only dynamic drivers. Is this correct ?
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    Depends on who you speak to. Some will say no, some will say yes. I personally burn in anything that I get in contact with/own, which could be in-ears of any type, headphones, DAC/Amps, speakers, etcetera, usually for at least 100 - 200+ hours before reviewing.

    Sorry we couldn't meet at CanJam London so you could listen to my Andromeda, but glad you were able to listen to Ethan's Andromeda (we were probably the only two at the event that brought one). I was around both days, very easy to find, since I was in the main ballroom (I was in one spot in the main ballroom pretty much entirely the first day, and slowly went around to booths in the main ballroom the second day) and both days I wore custom Arsenal kits (either said my name [Saturday] or said "CanJam" [Sunday]). Hopefully next year if we both attend, we can meet, especially so you can listen to another Campfire Audio product. :slight_smile:

    Enjoy your Andromeda! :right_facing_fist: (imagine a brown-skinned fistbump)
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  10. JaeYoon
    As far am I'm aware, after some reading, it's a lot more difficult for tiny dynamic drivers to be affected much of burnin, as much as a full size 40mm-50mm dynamic driver that would benefit from it with bigger effects.
    But definitely depends on the person who hears it
    I'm considering grabbing an andromeda as well to complement my Lyra when I want a different style of listening.

    There has been a lot of things getting my attention recently like Opus 3 and X7II.
    But I figure I should just stick with X5III and just stick an IEM in.
    my A5 AMP cleans up any hiss on noise floor for the X5III, so that solves that.

    I might not need my Aune M1S anymore :c
  11. moedawg140 Contributor
    Nice! Out of all of the DAPs I've listened to (pretty much anything out now), the QP1R (still) and QP2R are my favorites for detail, resolution, and with the QP2R's balanced output, wide perceived soundstage.
  12. JaeYoon
    ack :xf_eek: I always wanted a QP1R but would hamper my savings!

    I could just stick with Lyra II and upgrade DAPs. then in future grab upper tier Campfire IEMs. :k701smile:
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Bit of a loaded question and be prepared to get answers both for and against. It would be interesting to get Ken's take on it though.

    In my experience - the only time you'll get actual changes is if there are caps used in the crossovers. I've measured a lot of different IEMs (dynamic, hybrid and BA), and I've yet to come across any without caps which have changed over time. Insertion depth, insertion angle, tips used, volume of the music, how your mood is => all of these factors will affect your perception of the sound. And it is easy to hear a change and automatically attribute it to burn-in. For the record, Shure is one of the largest IEM makers on the plant, and their engineers have come out and said that you won't experience break-in with either their BAs or dynamics. Any manufacturer I have reviewed for who claims burn-in, when challenged, can't back things up with measurements. I just got a review sample the other day from a manufacturer and noticed their documentation recommended it. So I asked their engineers for measurements showing the change. I also pointed them to a thread where we had a recent discussion on burn-in. Their answer back was for me not to worry about burning in the pair they sent me prior to reviewing it - they would defer to my experience.

    I'd love to hear Ken's thoughts, and I'd love to know if someone can provide proof that it exists. But all the hard data lends toward the fact that if there is change, it is inaudible.

    My advice - if you believe in it - do it for peace of mind (its not harming anything). But in the absence of proof - don't recommend it publicly to others. That (in my opinion) is simply furthering the spread of urban myth.
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  14. JaeYoon
    Hey Brooko, I remember reading something similar to that, Shure had an IEM being manufactured for 15 years, even refurbished ones, they have not changed at all in sound. Well at least, engineers felt that way otherwise back to QA.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Yeah - generally touchy subject. Easy one for threads to get derailed on.
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