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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. nekromantik
    I cant pay the cost of Vega or Atlas so these is as much as I can go.
  2. Rockwell75
    Keep in mind that you can easily find a used Vega or Atlas for $150 or $250, respectively, more than the Polaris. I've never heard the Vega but the Atlas is exceedingly worth it.
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  3. NewEve
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  4. nekromantik
    You mean on the forums?
    Im in the UK so customs on top.
  5. jaydunndiddit
    Late reply, but if you can stomach that wacky peak on the Vega, it's faster, more technical then the Lyra and admittedly has more sub-bass over the Atlas (shcking, I know). I sadly could not live with that wacky peak as the Vega does like to come in hot in the treble akin to the TH900. The Atlas is an all around better successor to the Vega but I don't believe they are as low in price yet comparatively. For the cost though, it may be worth it depending on your sensitivity to that 7-7.5k hz peak. The Lyra is very similar to the Vega FR wise but lacks that extra oomph in the sub bass region and don't sound as strident and sounds pretty unique due to their Be driver. I still have mine an enjoy them but would be a liar if I didn't say how much more I prefer the Atlas over them FWIW.

    I can emphatically say the Atlas is still my favorite IEM per CFA. I still pack them with me every single day and also still prefer them over the Solaris. Surprisingly, the Atlas does better with classical and acoustic more than one would think and them really get into their groove with Hip Hop, EDM, Soul/RnB, etc. I have yet to find a genre the Atlas doesn't excel in.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
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  6. NewEve
    Thanks a lot.

    I missed the Vega and it was anyway a bit too much money for me.

    So it's now either the CA Lyra II, EE Bravado but I'm also looking at the DUNU DK-4001... or any IEM close to the Cascade sound signature.
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  7. Shaggy8675
    Mmmh.. Trouble in paradise... I love the Polaris, but I am having one big problem with them. I ride a bicycle to work daily and always use my Music on the ride.
    However is seems these Polaris catch the wind in a manner that makes using Them on the bike useless. Way to much windnoise for comfort.
    Seems to vortex over the edge.

    Any one else have experience with wind and this design in ears?
  8. nekromantik
    so campfire team they if I were to order it from them they would put lower customs value.
    so they can put down $80 for example. which means less customs fees
  9. jaydunndiddit
    It's due to the open port on their shell. Some IEMs have this in various places to vent air moving inside the shell. It varies per IEM, but some are more prone to wind noise than others due to placement or how big the port is.
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  10. Dcell7
    Don’t think they can as it is not allowed to put a lower customs value in the USA. Don’t know the exact term but it is like a criminal offence if they do.
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  11. nekromantik
    they told me they can so I will confirm before I buy
    when I bought the nova from them I was not charged customs
  12. Dcell7
    Ofcourse they can but it would put their business at risk (?). It is their choice to make but it still is a criminal offence according to the local law. Unless they ship it from some other country but i think they always say the products are hand assembled in the USA so it would be logical that they also ship from the USA.

    I do understand you don’t want to pay customs taxes though :beyersmile:
  13. Shaggy8675
    Thanks, I wil just try and see what happens with a little piece of tape over the hole, if that removes the noise, might be it indeed.
  14. bwardrop
    Thanks to everyone posting impressions here. I’m looking to upgrade from my Novas and was excited about the comparisons of the Io to the Massdrop Plus, but now I’m thinking the Polaris 2 might be the way to go. I loved that extra bass in the Massdrop Plus. I’m still torn if I should just save up a little more for second hand Andros. I’m lucky to live close to Irvine, so I think I’ll just wait till CanJam SoCal to decide.

    Also, majorhifi’s review made me want them, but I don’t really know much about him. He seems so young. I don’t want to knock him at all for that, but does he have a good track record as a reviewer?
  15. Omegon
    If you want some extra bass I'd probably go with the Polaris over the Andros. The Andros (in my opinion of course) are fairly neutral. Being a basshead I did not really enjoy them. Again, this is subjective. I recommend you go to Canjam and try em out, Ken usually offers a pretty nice in show discount too if you want to buy them there
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