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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. Jackpot77
    Got my hands on the new Polaris yesterday. Initial listening impressions straight out of the box (usual caveats apply - will be a few weeks before I can give a proper assessment on the sound):

    This is a "fun" IEM. Bass is large and in charge - reasonable control for the quantity on offer, but not quite at Atlas out Vega level. Quantity wise, this has plenty of mid and sub bass, with a good woofer like effect on bassier tracks. Stays pretty well behaved on tracks with no bass in the mix, so feels pretty true to the recording in that respect.

    Detail is again decent but not anything over and above and you expect in an IEM at this sort of price.

    Fit and cable - top notch. Don't have my Android any more, but the housings almost feel a tad smaller than the OG shells. Probably just my memory playing tricks, so will leave other members who have access to both models to comment on that. Shift to pre-moulded ear guides from memory wire and the twisted cable design from the higher end models are both welcome additions.

    Isolation is decent given the driver vent, helped by the bass.

    Overall tuning - somewhere between L or W shaped to me, with enough clarity up top to stop things sounding dark.

    Warm, engaging tone - won't be the last word in detail or clarity at this price, but a very enjoyable listening experience, and another distinct flavour in the current CA lineup. Reminds me a little of the Dorado.

    More notes once I've had a chance to get some decent lightening hours in.
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  2. Jackpot77
    IMG_20190502_190259.jpg IMG_20190502_191224.jpg
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  3. NewEve

    I’m in-between the Lyra II and Vega now since a dealer where I am has them on sale which would amount to the price of the Lyra II ordered from the US + shipping + customs... never-ending, really.
  4. gc335
    Good info! Thanks! Can you compare to the original Polaris?
  5. Wheel Hoss
    Thanks for the detailed impressions.

    Now I can safely say that if I never save up enough for the Atlas, the Polaris will suffice.

    O! the life of an artist. O! to have disposable income. But that would mean working in tall buildings . . .
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  6. Jackpot77
    Never heard the original Polaris, sorry - that and the Orion are the only two models I never got a chance to hear. I know Ken rates the new version as a big improvement over the original model, but someone who has heard both will hand to comment on that.
  7. gc335
    Thanks! I really like the original. The treble was a touch too hot at times and the mid range on male vocals was a little recessed but otherwise great!
  8. Shaggy8675
    Wel, I got my Polaris II today. Proberbly the first in the Netherlands.
    They look and sound amazing, very pleased with it :)





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  9. Llermo

    Could somebody compare the polaris II with the ibasso it04? I'm between these two and I mainly listen to prog rock/metal and hard rock.

    Thanks in advance!
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  10. Tristy
    Can anyone do a Polaris II vs Dorado comparison?
  11. candlejack
    Ears Unlimited?
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  12. Shaggy8675
    Indeed Ears Unlimited, arrived in NL Thursday, shipped on Friday, arrived today. Sooner then the other dealers have them haha :)
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  13. candlejack
    Rick's the man.
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  14. nekromantik
    would Polaris have more sub and mid bass then Nova?
  15. gc335
    Yes. The Nova is more mid focused if I remember right. When I got my Polaris the bass is pretty noticeable.
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