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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. Wes S
    Nice cable! I am using a Norne Audio Therium 4 wire, with my Lyra II, and that is a killer pairing as well.
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  2. keeya
    I want to get the Polaris to pair with the BT20s true-wireless system.
    Anybody have any thoughts on this in terms of fit and sound?
  3. duaned
    Nothing wrong with that combo! The Polaris 2 is a very dynamic IEM that has plenty of bass and treble, a more "fun sound" so to speak. Speaking of that, I have a brand new pair of Polaris 2 for sale inc. shipping!!
  4. wylfsyn
    I have a different opinion. Polaris Mk2 is the funniest earphone ever owned. Long gone IMR R1 Zenith, A&K Billie Jean, not to mention low quality chi-fi boom boxes.
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  5. Wes S
    I have a feeling, when I get my pair, I am going to be in same boat as you.
  6. wylfsyn
    I like them. They put sound just into my ears (and face), they forgiving bad engineering in studio, they simply play. Just changed the stock Litz cable to Forza Audio Works IEM Copper Series Mk2.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
  7. mrs1986
    Question, does anyone have fitting issues with these? Or they are actually easy to fit?
    I have some Fiio FA1 and they are pushing a bit into some cartilage of my ears he he.
    I love the looks of the Polaris, and they seem to be a fun to listen and not too harsh and fatiguing iem... I'm between these and the Chi-Fi Fearless Audio S8 Freedom that is highly regarded almost everywhere...
  8. duaned
    Like the Andromeda they are light and fit easily. Campfire revised the shape for more comfort on the revisited Andro and Polaris. And I have a new pair available for sale if interested!
  9. mrs1986
    Thank you duaned, I'm buying in US while on vacation!
  10. Guitarzan67
    I have a 2 month old set of Polaris 2 for sale. $275. Pm me if interested.
  11. AltoBajo
    How did the Forza Copper cable effect the SQ? I have the Forza Hybrid cable with other IEMs.I very much like Matt at Forza and his products.Thanks!
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