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Campfire Audio 4 July B stock blow out sale

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by KB, Jul 4, 2018.
  1. KB Contributor
    A very rare B-Stock sale is happening now.
    We are offering a very limited supply of B-Stock Earphones from Campfire Audio on ALOaudio.deals.

    This sale is happening from July 4th - July 8th or until we run out of stock.

    These are perfectly paired earphones with only minor cosmetic blemishes that prevent them from being sold as "A" stock units. Get your's today! Andromeda, Jupiter, Nova, Orion and Polaris!
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. rantng
    Saw this late last night. Was hoping to pick up a white Andromeda, but it seems you’re out of stock.
  3. BananaOoyoo
    Seems to be available right now!
  4. rantng
    Product page pops up, but if you try to add to cart it's out of stock.
  5. koven Contributor
    Shows in stock for me thru checkout.
  6. rantng
    The green Andromeda. I was referring to the white one
  7. CalvinW
    I wanted the cerakote coated white one as well, or a pacific blue would be nice. The untreated green one scratches way too easily.
  8. zombywoof
    According to the ad the sale ends tomorrow, Sunday, 7/8. I am very interested in the Jupiter. The description for the Jupiter B stock on the ALO Warehouse site reads:

    "Includes 3 complete sets of ear tips, cable, carrying case, Campfire Audio pin, non-retail packaging and manual."

    I sent an e-mail to CA, but not expecting to get a reply before the sale is over tomorrow as it is the weekend. Does anyone know if the three sets of ear tips include the CA foam tips? I have the Lyra II and Comet, and these are my tips of choice. Not a problem, I would just like to know up front so I can order the foam tips from the CA site. Also curious to know what non-retail packaging means. Can anyone confirm that the B stock Jupiter comes with the same premium raw leather case that is standard for the Jupiter? Thanks.
  9. Surf Monkey
    I’ve bought both B stock Jupiter and Andromedas. They come with everything. All the CA tips, the case, all of it. Mine even both had the normal retail packaging.
    zombywoof likes this.
  10. zombywoof
    @Surf Monkey
    Thanks. Pulling the trigger today. I have the Comet, Lyra II and Nova...all superb sounding IEM's. Looking forward to hearing the Jupiters. I appreciate your taking the time to answer.
    Surf Monkey likes this.
  11. BuddhaBruce
    Had the white andromedas and traded it for the more subtle blue
  12. zombywoof
    @Surf Monkey
    Got my Jupiter's today; all the pieces and parts that typically come with the A stock, just as you said. The raw leather case is really sweet. I have looked and looked, and cannot find any blemishes that would (in my opinion) warrant the B stock classification. I guess that is a testimony to the CA quality philosophy. Plan you do some listening tonight. Thanks again for your input.
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  13. Mej35
    Shucks, missed out on the Andromeda. How often do these sales come up?
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2018
  14. zombywoof

    ...Jupiter A stock are dropping on Massdrop starting today for the same price offered last week for the Jupiter B stock on the ALO warehouse deals site; $599.99. Presuming that the Massdrop deal comes with the standard 1 year Campfire Audio warranty, if you purchased B stock during the sale this past week (like I did), you might be a bit upset by this development...the B stock has 90 day warranty...no serial number...no opportunity to register the product with Campfire Audio as far as I can see.

    Now, I am a big fan of Campfire's products. I have the Lyra II, Nova, and Comet (and Jupiter as of yesterday), and I think each of these is a remarkable IEM, all be it each with different attributes. Likely I will remain a supporter of their products...because they are really, really good products. Still, this kind of sucks. I would have preferred to pay the same price, get the 1 year warranty, have a set of IEM's with a serial number, and register the product with Campfire.
  15. rantng
    Campfire Audio has amazing customer service so I wouldn’t worry either way. They repaired/replaced an out of warranty cable & IEM for me no questions, no charge. They’re very well respected not just in regards to their customer service, but also in terms of how they run their business. Gotta love @KB
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