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Campfire and ALO audio Black Friday Deals

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by KB, Nov 25, 2019.
  1. Grimbles
    True dat :frowning2: have a look at eglobalcentral and tobydeals though, they sometimes have some CA stuff... I think they've got the andromeda v1 for about £620 atm.
  2. TangoMan
    Agree, Ive got one on order, after there cost of shipping plus tax its still a bloody good buy.
  3. TangoMan
    Little story concerning Toby Deals, I bought the campfire Comets which failed,Campfire did not warranty them as they were not bought through an authorised dealer. Toby Deals would not replace them saying they were not covered by their warranty. I would not advise buying anything from them from my own personal experience. We have good dealers within the UK, I bought mine from Audiologica, yes you are going to pay more and you will have full support if there are any issues.
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  4. Grimbles
    Thanks mate, duly noted.
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  5. davidcotton
    Hifiheadphones are uk stockists of CA. Just missed the BF deal on. Might be worth checking at the weekend (or not). Last year they re ran everything.
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  6. TangoMan
    Thanks David. Its whim, I am trying to focus monies for some Focal Kantas at the moment. I have a pair on loan and they are sublime. If i could afford both....

    Expensive habits and all
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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  7. Grimbles
  8. upsguys88
    Why is shipping so expensive for USA?
  9. rantng
    I thought shipping was very reasonable. $9.81 for three cables via FedEx Ground. There are several shipping options using the dropdown menu.
  10. Alex Bloch
    Does the campfire warranty apply when buying b-stock from ALO?
  11. bryceu
    Must... Resist.. Solaris..
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  12. Distorted Vision
    I was wondering what people's experience of Campfire B stock headphones. I'm wondering if the cosmetic defects are major or very minor? Campfire Headphones are objects of beauty so it's a tough call for me as the discounts are significant.
  13. ncristia
    I've purchased two b-stock Andromeda and could not find anything off on either one.
  14. choisan
    too bad that no bf discount buying cmd
  15. Grimbles
    I had a bstock polaris. The box was crushed but the iems perfect.

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