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Cambridge Audio Owners Unite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by paul graham, Jan 3, 2013.
  1. Paul Graham
    I wasn't too sure where to put this to be honest so I've put in here for now until a mod/admin can put it where it rightly belongs lol.
    Anyway, I did a search and can't find one so thought I would start a Cambridge Audio Owners thread.
    This can be anything from CA, Pictures, Questions, Upgrades, Mods etc etc...
    I started out borrowing my little brothers amp years ago ( Cant remember the model for now ) 
    And really liked the sound so a few years down the line 2009(ish) I purchased my first CA products.
    The Azur 640A amplifier ( Non phono stage )
    And the Azur 540C cd player.
    I loved the sound signature they produced running through my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2's.
    Fast forward to the past twelve months and I needed a desktop DAC & speaker solution as we are now living temporarily
    at my parents and very cramped for space.
    I really wanted ( still do ) the S30 speakers but they're too deep for my desk so I did a bit of research and discovered the Minx series.
    Ive been lucky enough to locate my Azur 640A under my desk ( Just ) so I knew I had enough power output and a dedicated sub/pre out.
    Decision made I bought the Minx Min 10's and the Scirocco S80 sub. 
    As for the DAC It was easy, I spotted the DacMagic 100 in my local Richer Sounds, And after a quick yap to my mate Tony I whipped one up there and then.
    This is where my love for Wolfson came from and still stands. I cant pull myself away from the Cambridge Audio/Wolfson sound.
    Its so pleasing & warm to my ears. Yes I have other brands which I also love but I will ALWAYS own something which wears the Cambridge Audio badge!
    Here's a few shots of the amp, mini's and DAC - 
    Here's my CA list...
    DacMagic 100
    Azur 640A
    Azur 540C
    Minx min-10
    Scirocco S80
    Various CA cables
    And I will get more as I go...
    Please feel free to share people.
    Thanks, Paul :)
  2. Paul Graham
  3. John Thompson
           Hi its 2016! Just a poor retired working class stiff from Canada that just purchased an up to date and fine piece of kit-a Cambridge Audio CXA60. What a fine piece it is. In 2005 I managed to make up a Rotel system with a RA1062 integrated. It was more expensive for similar power but not as nicely featured or as sonicly good as my CXA60. When I bought the CXA60 I had an excellent Musical Fidelity Cd3.2 Player and a Sony 3-d Blu-ray Player. I sold the MF because the DAC chip in the CXA60 make the CDs playing from the Sony as the transport as good as if not superior to the sound of the MF. What Hi-Fi gave their review of the CXA60 five stars while the larger more feature filled CXA80 only got four stars. I have had it only a few months and I use it every day for TV and stereo sound reproduction. It has not broken down and is quality built to boot. Recently I hooked it up to my new pair of Totem Rainmakers which they have just "warmed in" and the sound is like-wow! Full of range and detail with a balance in space  and depth that pleasantly teases the ears for more. Jazz, New Age, Folk and Rock are my major genres of music and this system does not lack for its presentation and interpretation of the bits and bytes that are processed through it from my CDs and DVDs.As for the rest of my kit-nothing special with all the cables I use, although with the CXA60 I can play with coaxial and fibre-optic and do so. I guess in money term my system is worth about $2500 CDN. Your system is very sweet as well and I have eye-balled many of your pieces with eyes agog and mouth a watering in the few audiophile shops we have in my area. Thanks and cheers for having a forum for me to say a few things about my stereo stuff, John.     
  4. Carsten Seidler
    Hi Guys.
    I have got my hands on a Cambridge Dac 1 (not a DACmagic) converter and is searching for specs and information on what formats it supports and especially what formats it doesn´t support. Can you help me out with links to old manuals or something like that?
  5. chill2music
    Hi I enjoyed reading and seeing your head fi setups. I currently have a small space to start a head fi station, one day I would love to do that. I live with my parents and have been really enjoying my work. Before I found work I was doing a lot of work experience and internships. My Hi fi is a Cambridge audio Cxc connected to the Cambridge audio Cxa60 via the toslink cable. I have also got a dab Onkyo t4030 that is quite cool. I have not connected it digitally only via analogue. I really don't get on with this dab radio so I am going to WP_20161008_16_12_20_Pro.jpg upgrade to the cxn soon. I have a pair of B&w speakers. They sound quite nice, they have fantastic tweeters for their age.

    I really like listening to singers and older pop songs
  6. Redcarmoose
    Here is mine.
  7. chill2music

    The Cambridge audio dac magic Plus does look quite awesome. Do you head fi users use it for nightime listening? I have not used headphones in a while but I love the idea of night time listening. My speakers are front ported but I have moved them forward and now they sound really nice, less of a thunder sound.
  8. Redcarmoose

    The DACMagic Plus does not have the best headphone amp section. It's OK but sounds better with an amp.
  9. Redcarmoose
    The DACMagic Plus is a little on the both lush and thin side, though goes well with dark headphones and can sound good with bright headphones like the k701s.
  10. chill2music
    Thank you for the information :)
  11. chill2music
    Hi I found a pair of headphone that work well my current HI FI amp, I have a pair of Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless that have a nice mid range and mid bass and sound more punchy than my speakers. I have just connected them to the headphone jack. Do you think a dedicated headphone amplifier would be better?

    I can connect my Cambridge Network Player to an Arcam R head with Balanced XLR or I can connected my amplifer to the headphone amp via RCA.

    I have to turn the bass up when using the Headphones, is this an issue?

    Many Thanks
  12. chill2music
    I have been enjoying the new headphones and have had a go at trying to improve my setup. I have also been working on my mum's setup as well as doing bits of decorating around the house.

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