Cambridge Audio Azur 340A 40W x 2 Stereo Audiophile amplifier - SOLD
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Jul 17, 2008
I accidentally ordered two of these brand new, and for me to get a refund for the extra one, i have to foot the shiping charges back to them.
This is an audiophile grade stereo intergrated amplifier from the well respected british audio company Cambridge audio.
Its the perfect amp to get started in HIFI. Its modestly rated at 40watts per channel (40w x 2) but its got very good headroom. It weighs 16 pounds. dont let its petite size fool you.
Its brand new, just a couple of days old. i dont need two of them. It retails for 350+shipping. This is well worth the $SOLD im asking for.

Azur 340A integrated amplifier

Its very highly regarded, google up some of the reviews. Pair them with some decent bookshelf speakers + source and you have an excellent budget high fidelity audio system.

Asking for $SOLD.

shipping is $20 Con US only. will ship with tracking and insurance.

Payment by paypal. Ill eat the fees.

If you live in Houston, you can pick it up locally.



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