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Calling All "Vintage" Speaker Owners

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  1. PhoenixG
    Decent modern speakers can absolutely sound good on vintage gear. My favorite combo is modern infinity cmmd speakers with old sony gear.
  2. wotts
    I just swapped my Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s to the Marantz 2265 and it sounds excellent. Much more neutral than the Aleph 3, but that combo was damn good too.
    Also, the McIntosh XR 1051s sounds nice on the Aleph, but it's seems to be missing some bass. It could be this head cold too.
  3. bikerboy94

    My Klispch Quartets. 20 years old this year and going strong.
  4. willmax


    I completely agree with you as far as decent modern speaker goes, the question is whether the Yamaha NS-G40 are considered of a decent quality or whether they are just an average speaker – sorry about the poorly worded query in my initial post.

    I did a quick google search and it did not yield a lot of results but it looks like these speakers were mainly made in Finland if that is anything to go by.
  5. PhoenixG
    Sorry I don't have any personal experience with those models. Yamaha makes some nice speakers, so it might be worth a listen. If it sounds good on modern equipment, it will sound just as good on vintage.
  6. pippen99
    My first system back in the day:  Sansui 5000a receiver + Pioneer PL- a45 turntable + Wharfedale W60E speakers + Koss ESP9 headphones.  I loved the W60s and still wish I owned them.  I do still have the ESP9 headphones though I haven't used them in years.  What I do listen to everyday are my ADS.  I have two ADS Braun L810 that I got around 1977 and two ADS L810 I bought off Ebay about 8 years ago.  If I didn't have these my favorite audio memory is  of my two friends back in Phoenix.  One had a pair of Ess AMT1 and the other had a pair of Rectilinear III Highboys.  I really loved the Highboys.
  7. KurtTennant
    I'm only 18, but when I recently got an Audio-Technica LP60 turntable my dad dig up some of his old stuff. He's got a few vintage receivers and speakers. The current receiver we use is the Pioneer Sx-770 I believe, with some really old modded bose 301 speakers and some JBL decades for the bass. When the tweeters wore out in the Bose my dad replaced the cones and added extra tweeters to them. Really a great system!
  8. PhoenixG
    Nice! You might like some of the things going on at the vintage receiver forum.
  9. KurtTennant
    I have been there before, and it is rather interesting!
  10. michigannick
    Lots of cool gear guys!
    Golden Ears those infinities look  awesome .. my first  post here so of course i bump an ancient thread   what type of finish is on them? oil? poly? 
  11. joehalo
    My ADS 910. Love them, 
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  12. Oregonian
    Joe...............those are gorgeous! This thread has been dead for so long..................great job reviving it!
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  13. fliz

    Exemplar horns (w/ vintage Altec Lansing Voice of the Theater drivers) and Karlson subs
  14. davelarz
    Still own a pair of Infinity RSIIIa's and I still think that, if you have a room where their size isn't prohibitive, they are an incredible bargain. Can be found used in the 300-400 range and their performance is equal IMO to many speakers in the 2000-3000 range today. I have a pair of Triton Twos now and though these speakers best the Infinities it's not by a wide margin... and the Tritons for almost 3k new.
  15. DamageInc77
    I got a pair of TDL Reference Standard speakers in British racing green.


    Replacement drivers can be had except for the woofers, which worries me slightly.
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