Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners
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Skylab, I'd be interested in your thoughts on your SX-1980 vs. your Leben for headphone use.  Would you care to expound upon this subject?  Or point me to where you may have already covered this...
I doubt I could ever find/afford an SX-1980, but I could see something like a 1250 or 1280 in my future...but to get there I'll have to sell my Leben CS300XS! ugh

Unless the headphones your love don't do well with the Leben, I would NOT sell the Leben in favor of the SX-1980 for purely headphone use. The 1980 is outstanding with headphones - but the Leben gets the nod for most cans. The HiFiMan HE-6 is one exception - here the 1980 is much better.

I use the 1980 mostly for speakers, where it is absolutely fabulous.
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Any thoughts on a nikko 6065 with senn hd580's? Looks like I can pick up a nice one locally for cheap. Been using a denon dra835r from the early nineties with pretty good results. Any thoughts? Thanks
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I was wondering if you guys could help me with a question.  I have the yamaha ca 1010 and the kef ls50 speaker.  I was wondering what is the advantage and disadvantage of running it in preamp mode or power mode.  I also have the woo audio 5 but my setup have it hard to make a comparative a/b.  If anybody know how good the woo audio speaker implement.
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I guess the better question, if one of the gurus can answer, is will a 70's receiver sound better then my late 80's-early 90's one notch down from totl denon receiver I'm using now. It's a dra 835r, that if I'm remembering correctly, cost me 1200ish. I talked my wife into getting me an asgard 2 for Christmas, but now I'm considering a more vintage receiver. Just don't want to make a lateral move or even a decrease in sound quality. For the record I do 90% of my listening through my sennheiser hd580's and 10% to my dahlquist dq20's. Thanks
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I did have a Sansui 5050 for a while - was not impressed.  Not sure how close to the 5500 that is in sonic signature, though.
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Also had an HK430 and 330A - very nice sound from both - warm and detailed.  The 670 is most likely even better.
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Thanks for the reply. I may check it out this weekend. Like the way it looks. From some research, looks like it was totl in the late 70's. Just hope it sounds better than my denon with my hd580's...
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 Good for a bump to keep the thread on the first page.
 Opened the Sony STR-2800 and insides were extremely clean, cleaner than a lot of new stuff I have seen.
 Pics for fun.


Still not gotten around to trying it out too busy

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