Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners
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guess what i ran into yesterday?
yeah a pair of HPM 200's.
I never knew they existed.  woulda bought em if i didn't fear he wanted an arm and a leg

Aaaaugh! Get 'em! If you can possibly afford 'em and if you have room for 'em, GET 'em! I have HPM-200 tweeter drums sitting on top of my ESS speakers, for inspiration.
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I feel a little sheepish to say this, but I got the KR-9600 at a yard sale from the original owner's wife when I was in middle school. For $20. And they included the pair of L100's and the JVC HP660 headphones. I just had to haul them off and everything has been gravy. That's what got me started, haha.
For the SX-1980, I put an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for one and I got a response almost two months later from the son of the original owner saying he had one in storage that was his dad's, and he didn't need it, or the HPM 150's, or the owner's manual. He accepted my offer of $1200 for the set.
The Sansui SP 5500X speakers were another craigslist find, $50. Total cost for my setup to date is $1270.
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$1,200 for an SX-1980 *and* the HPM-150's? Holy poop. That sort of thing never happens to me!!!!!  That's an awesome deal.
One sort of economical way to go with these pricier receivers is to buy one that isn't working and take a chance that it's something relatively simple, and then have it immediately sent to someone for full restoration.  I did that with my last one.  Bought one on eBay for $1,000 that wasn't working and had him send it directly to Circle Stereo. They did a complete restore/recap including the big filter caps for $800, so now for $1,800 I have a fully restored recapped 1980. Try buying one already restored like that on eBay - $3K easy.
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Aaaaugh! Get 'em! If you can possibly afford 'em and if you have room for 'em, GET 'em! I have HPM-200 tweeter drums sitting on top of my ESS speakers, for inspiration.

Amen!!!!  Rawrbington if you can get those HPM-200's for less than $1,000 and you can afford it, and they work well and look good, you need to do that man.
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Just curious what the opinion of the Marantz 1060 integrated is here.  There is one about 60 miles from me on CL for $75.  I understand that it is essentially a Marantz 2230 w/o the tuner.  Is it worth $75 plus the gas for a round trip?  Thanks!
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I need to place I would like to place a SX-1980 inside my listening room as well...

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Hey guys, I'd like a little help. I pulled out a vintage receiver from my attic over the weekend. It's at least 20 years old. The model is a Denon avr-600. For giggles I plugged my hd650's into the headphone jack and sha-bam!! This old amp has an unbelievable headphone stage. I still can't get over it. I've owned $500 amps that didn't sound this good. 
If anyone has experience or knowledge of the avr-600 and could share information I would certainly appreciate. I do have one concern. This amp seems to really pack a punch and I can't get beyond 9:00 on the volume pot, where 9:00 is as loud as I can take it. I find that 8:00 is more comfortable for regular listening. Is it possible that the headphone stage is putting out too much for me hd650? I certainly don't want to damage my 650's.
I plan to put some orthos on the denon soon and won't worry about them as much.
Thanks in advance for any help offered!!
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The AVR-600 appears to be an early Surround Receiver, so maybe early 90's? It's not really what I think of as "vintage", but if it sounds good, that's great! And not to worry, your ears will give out before the HD-650's do :wink:

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