Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners
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i love Radioshacks stuff from the 70's. they made really amazing items.  also build some back bone :p. my sansui's are huge with solid steel case and solid wood case on my other sanui easily weighing over 50lbs each. i use to carry them up and down the stairs in my house. man it was so much fun
I'm listening to a normal bias Lambda out of an SRD-7 driven by a Realistic STA2200.  It's a beast of a mosfet amp from the 70s.  It weighs about 60 pounds and I made the mistake of having it delivered to work.  It sat in my office for 2 months before I managed to get it home.
Vintage amps are very popular on the ortho thread.

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I've used my Luxman R1050 (55wpc, known to have a warmer signature for an SS though not in a bad way) for ortho, Stax, and Grado. I bought mine for less than $100 about 2 years ago. I don't have to turn the volume knob much with my speakers which is kind of a shame since the Luxman has some cool LED DB meters that don't get a work out due to the efficiency of the TimeWindows (also vintage though not as old).
As someone has already mentioned - is the equivalent of Head-Fi on all things vintage audio related. 
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How big are those heat sinks, anyway? Here's the inside of the Realistic STA-2200:

EDIT: Not my photo; it's from an online auction. Scompton's correct, it's barrel distortion in an undercorrected zoom causing the woozy curvature. Sure an' that tablecloth would've suited me sainted Eirish grandmoother just fine.
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i trust the amp isn't actually warped to death from intense heat and it's just the camera you're using :D
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A little barrel distortion from a wide angle lens.  It does run warm, but the Shiit Asgard I bought recently runs warmer.  It's heavy enough that it's a pain to set up.  It doesn't slide to well.
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i've just got into this vintage thangy not so long ago & am loving it. its sooo much fun discovering new "toys" on the cheap & they sound sweet. i've got a Sansui AU-666 (full woodie enclosure), AU-517 (love the dual transformer all the way down), another Sansui 4000 (receiver which sounds the sweetest on the HE5LE orthos), a semi monsta Sony STR-6800SD (2nd from TOTL in its time), a Marantz SR-6000SD receiver & and a baby Harman Kardon HK230a.
all of which btw has great headphone outs & most betters any dedicated headamp i've heard (PPAv2, Zhaolu V2.0 discrete amp, LD II, D1, D10) & drives any headphone that i have include the aforementioned orthos & a set of AKG K240 Sextetts. the 'Sui 4000 drives my recabled Yuin PK1 like nothing else & in lower sound thresholds, may even rival an ex HD600 (though this is based on memory so take it for what its worth). just sayin my PK1 sounds huge with tremendous thunder & range - just not at large volume cos poor lil PK1 drivers start poppin/clickin as they reach max extension & then some.
i dont think i'll ever spring for a dedicated headamp again given the quality of these vintage amps. O & by the by, most if not all of these amps feature full discrete components so valued & desired nowadays. nice

im still on the lookout for a vintage tube like a Fisher x-100 or a HH Scott or simlar to round out this splendid experiment to the dark side.
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I am something of a sansui nut and have two sansui integateds (another two died on me). A au505 and an au555a which needs to be repaired at the moment. I also have a sansui receiver coming, the g3000 (gorgeous looking animal with plenty of power: 40 watts per channel of real 70s watts). I'm hoping it will drive my headphones as well as I think it will drive my speakers!
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This thread needs MORE PICS.  I absolutely love the look of vintage audio gear.  So I will repost one of my faves - this is my Fisher KX100.

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the way the phones are in the middle with the speaker off switch almost makes it look like it was made for headphones ^_^
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I've became a fan of vintage gear, not just amplifiers/receivers but turntables and speakers as well.  Though, while they're great for speakers, I do find many have a terrible background noise with headphones.  I find it much more pleasing using the tape-out with my kicas out of my rotel amplifier. 

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