Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by moodyrn, Feb 3, 2011.
  1. OldRoadToad
    Because I can not delete.
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  2. kid vic
    Yammie and Akai should stay, I'm curious about the fischer's though
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  3. OldRoadToad
    Because I can not delete.
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  4. BucketInABucket
    Probably not :/ I feel like it wasn't the most popular animu out there. I have high hopes though!

    Fisher 500T - physically great condition, audio-wise can't actually remember (need to retest)
    Fisher 700T - physically great condition, audio-wise can't actually remember (need to retest)
    Yamaha CR-1020 - almost unused, no service bulletin mods performed
    Sony STR-6060FW - very good, has another wooden case on it that isn't the stock one
    Rotel RX-802 - some issues, channel imbalance and distortion, physically perfect
    Akai AA-1200 - powers on but not working, physically perfect
    Harmon Kardon 930 - great condition, light use and works well
    Goodmans Module 80 - physically great condition, audio-wise can't actually remember (need to retest)

    I'm definitely leaning towards keeping the Yamaha, Akai, HK and Rotel, despite the problems the Akai and Rotel have. The Fisher units and the Sony are a nightmare to service in comparison and the Goodmans isn't that good. I do want an STR-6120 too so the Sony can go. Thanks for the help!
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  5. KG Jag
    The Sony is their first ever receiver. That could be a reason to either keep it or sell it.

    The HK has some excellent features, including the very rare for its time 2 aux. inputs.
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  6. PhoenixG
    You’ve got a ton (almost literally) of quality there. I am a huge fan of the Sony and I concur with your thoughts to change to a 6120. I’ve compared 6060,6120, and 6200’s side by side and the 6120/6200 are better to my ears, though all are super nice. The 6120/6200 are nearly identical apart from a few parts. I’ve got two 6120’s on my bench right now with the same minor problem, and I can’t wait to get them back into a system. If you’re ok with their moderate power levels, I consider a 6120/6200 to be an end game unit for the sub $8k budget.

  7. BucketInABucket
    I've decided to keep the Yamaha, Rotel, Akai and HK units. On the fence about the Fisher units too.
  8. peepr
    Friends, I have a bizarre problem: picking up a stray radio station through my receiver: Pioneer SX-880

    Situation: When I use my HD650's plugged into the front of the 880, I can very clearly hear a radio station in the left channel. I can make out dialogue is 98.5 i am in the DC area.

    I also have an HE-560, and DO NOT hear this radio station when using these headphones. Silent background.

    I have removed the antenna, no change. I have wiggled cables, turned all knobs and switches, and spun the tuner knob from high to low and no change.

    In fact, when I turn the selector to FM, i get clear FM radio plus this 98.5 channel in the background.

    I am handy with soldering iron and more than willing to dig around in the guts, is there anything i can remove or disconnect to stop this?

    It is some satanic combination of the 650's plus the receiver causing my headphones to act as an antenna??
  9. KG Jag
    I remember similar issues, albeit usually involving speakers, from the 70's forward. This might be of interest:
  10. peepr
    Thanks KC. I've read through that before. I'll hunt around for some ferrite and see what happens.
  11. kid vic
    Here's my setup, unpictured is my Yamaha CA-600
    The Akai AM-2650 is my contribution to this thread:beerchug:

    DSC_0387[1].JPG rack-half.jpg rack-half2.jpg rack-half3.jpg rack-full.jpg compy.jpg
  12. PhoenixG
    I love the turntable! What a great looking piece!

  13. PhoenixG
    97DE979E-FF3A-43E2-A8B4-92B7468F4936.jpeg 23503343-BEB8-4DA8-999F-0E69FF9AAC57.jpeg Hey all, I haven’t posted anything substantial in a while as I haven’t had my system fully running for months due to the move. Everything was put into a container in July and shipped 9 timezones east over to Europe. There have certainly been a few trials on the way haha. Two of my Sony str-6120’s smoked themselves after being converted to 220v. The damage was limited to an outlet switch on the mains side on both, so yay for consistency I suppose. The component that melted had 550v printed on it, so consider me annoyed that a 50 year old part doesn’t perform to spec haha. Learning my lesson with the sony’s I put the sansui G33000 on a 2500VA step down transformer instead of switching it to 220v - too much unobtanium to risk on it.

    The next trial came with the dual 1229 turntable - 50hz in makes it 17% slow. So I bought a u-turn audio turntable to get me by, but I didn’t do my research and it was also 17% slow and they don’t sell larger spindles. My friend offered to 3D print a new spindle, but the one he made has some quality control issues (too rough, audible flutter, slightly irregular). So I got a series of frequency converters until I found one that doesn’t have a fan that makes an annoying hum.
    Once I got the speed right, it still kinda sounded thin on vinyl. So I replaced the cartridge with a decent audiotechnica elliptical model. I’m really happy with the results and I love having my music back!
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  14. OldRoadToad
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  15. Monsterzero
    Wow man,beautiful set-up!
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