Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by moodyrn, Feb 3, 2011.
  1. Oscar-HiFi
    Check the internal fuses of the amp
  2. sotto123
    I know almost nothing about these kind of things, but I thought that was what I already did.
  3. Oscar-HiFi
    It sounds like you replaced the fuse in the plug/adaptor.

    There should be a plastic thing on the back of the amp, next to where the power cable goes in, that holds another fuse.
  4. sotto123
    That was the one I switched out. I can't change the one in the plug because I can't see any way to open it. I can't test another plug either because it seems to be internally wired.

    I guess I'm out of options.
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    Fair enough, well then I'm not sure. Sorry :)
  6. Monsterzero
    Most of the vintage gear I buy needs a trip(or two)to the tech shop.I would look for a vintage repair person locally before you throw in the towel,but I understand your frustration
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  7. sotto123
    That's why I've only looked to buy fully restored units, preferably by professionals, which is what I've been able to do so far.

    For the Fisher I bought it from an online shop, who weren't exactly forthcoming with what changes have been made other than all equipment is "fully tested and refurbished if needed." I thought it would be fine considering I wasn't dealing with an individual.
  8. rigo
    I went to hear it and was in great shape. Easy decision to buy.

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  9. grokit
    I finally got my HE-6 paired properly with my Pioneer SX-727, the special speaker connectors held me back a bit. I have two pairs of speaker wire from Oak Tree, I now have more $ into the speaker wire than the receiver itself lol. I have one pair hooked up to HifiMAN's HE Adapter, more for for convenience and length than out of necessity. My source atm is also a bit unusual; a MacBook Pro with a Halide Design (Devilsound) Spdif Bridge, running iTunes > Amarra Hifi, into my (og) Matrix Mini-i (dual ad-1955's). I'm very please with the results; this may be the best I've heard my HE-6's.
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  10. blur510
    Just wondering if anyone here knows a place in San Diego that can restore my pioneer sx 1010? Tia
  11. chickenmoon
    Not sure it qualifies as vintage yet but I received a Teac A-H500i yesterday and it sure beats my (unserviced and unrecapped) 7700 in a few departments, cleaner, more transparent and detailed and absolutely no noise floor I can hear. This said there is no way it's going to displace or supercede the Sansui, I am just glad to have both now. I paid only £76 for it (inc P&P) which is more than a bargain IMO (usually goes for £120 at the minimum).
  12. richard51
    I am sorry for us because of your impending review and beyond words for you....

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  13. richard51

    My 7700 Sansui was recapped, and i can hear no noise even with my sensitive AKG K 340, the musicality is amazing, and with a good dac, the details are here.... I know you love your Sansui, but a recapping process is mandatory after all this time....I am sure the Teac is good.... best regards
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  14. chickenmoon
    Good to know a recapped 7700 has no audible noise floor, I should recap mine at some point I guess as this might bring out those missing subtle reverb decays I can clearly hear with the Teac.
  15. richard51
    I dont doubt one second that the TEAC may be more revealing,(all the review of the TEAC are amazing) but i have already plenty of details with the Sansui, the musicality, the organic flowing of the music. this is what i have with the 7700 ; there exist more revealing amplifier i am sure, for example ,my TOTL Sansui AU-x701 is more revealing, but more musical than the Au-7700 it is not... And the Sansui AU-x701 is absolutely not cold analitycal though...Then i think that recapping is the way....

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