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  1. magiccabbage
    Hi guys 
    I am starting this thread with the intention to eventually get together for a mini meet here in Ireland. Firstly i need to find out if there actually are other Irish members still active on the site. I found a thread a while back where 10 or 11 members tried to get together in 2006 and then again in 2008 but to the best of my knowledge nothing came of it. 
    here is the link - http://www.head-fi.org/t/255641/irish-meet-saturday-22nd-march-2008-dublin
    Anyway if there are any (and i presume there are plenty) of Irish members stick a comment or two down so i know who you are and then maybe we could organise to get together. I would love to share my gear and hear some other stuff without having to travel to another country. 
  2. magiccabbage
    come on guys
  3. magiccabbage
    even if anyone who is not irish knows someone who is that would be a great help
  4. gHeadphone
    Hey, im on for a meet. I was at the meet in New York this year and had a great time.
    Im in Kildare, im sure there are more Irish folks on here.
  5. magiccabbage
    If there are they should come out of hiding. I have been on Headfi for over a year and you are the only Irish person i have talked to. Do you have any gear that is not stated in your profile- just wondering? 
  6. gHeadphone
    Nothing worth talking about thats not in my profile!
    Have to wait till i go back to the US
  7. rdsreference
    I'm up for a meet sometime this summer headphones,headphone amps, DACs ,cables bring it all on. Somewhat nearer than having to travel to can jam in Denver!
  8. rdsreference
    Based in cork
  9. gHeadphone
    Good to see you on here rds reference. Maybe we can have an Irish meet after all. Do you know of any other Irish members?
  10. magiccabbage
    yes if you know any other members inform let us know or an other people who are not on the site but are interested
  11. magiccabbage
    what gear have you got? = there is nothing listed in your profile. 
  12. rdsreference
    Just updated my profile
  13. magiccabbage
    nice ill have a look
  14. gerry123456
    I'd be interested. I can get to Dublin easily enough on the train, so a meet anywhere near Connolly station would work great for me. My gear is in my profile.
    Unless there is some way we could make my ACS T1s work in other folks ears, they'd probably be limited to viewing only, which is unfortunate as I think a lot of folks are put off CIEMs because they're nervous about spending so much for something they can't try before they buy. However, folks could definitely get a listen to my Grado PS1000s partnered with my Graham Slee amp. I'd love to hear the Grados on a different amp, like MagicCabbage's Woo.
    Good luck with it. Hopefully we can make it happen some time!
  15. magiccabbage
    yes it would be good to hear other gear. I would love to hear your Grados and my T1 on your graham slee. The thing is my Wa2 is a high impedance amp so i don't think it would sound too good with the Grados considering they are 32 ohm's. 
    does the graham slee have an option for pre-amp? the WA2 is a great pre amp. It would be interesting to hear the WA2 and Slee together if that was possible. 
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