Calling all Bass Heads! - FS: JH16 Pro FreqPhase
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Dec 22, 2013
I am selling a pair of JH16 pro FP that were purchase 4 weeks ago from the link below. I fell in love with the JH16 sound after trying them. They really that good! 
*Price includes shipping in the CONUS, International shipping will need to be added*
Now for good stuff:
I do my own acrylic shelling and being that the prior owner has such small ear canals, I made acrylic nozzle mean while to I was looking for a good cable upgrade to us. Now that I do have them I have decide to move to purchasing Roxannes from Audiowood. I do love the JH16 FP but the idea of having the ability to dial in the bass without an EQ is just to cool. 
Hence they have to go! For now...May have to get again someday, but need to justify the $. 
This pair of JH16 FP is perfect to try since its a Universal to see if you had the same reaction with the JH16's a I did, and when ready to reshell you can take your time and enjoy them while you save for reshelling $. 
The nozzle is setup to fit Comply T500 perfectly and recommend them for the best seal. That's what I was using. 
The offer comes with the following:
  1. (1)Pair of JH16 Pro FP converted to Universal - Just installed T500 comply tips
  2. (1) Original JH Audio Case
  3. (1) FiiO RC-WT1  cable new 
  4. (1) TFi10 cable w microphone - Smaller pins but work fine
  5. Bag of various silicon tips - No cleaning tool 
Link Prior Sale for Background:


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