Calgary Meet Impressions (May 31, 2015)

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  1. rezolver
    First and foremost, I wanted to thank the organizers of the event.  Obtaining sponsors, contacting the community, setting up the room, great job to everyone involved.  Second, thank you to all who unplugged, packaged and brought their gear down for all of us to listen to.

    Clem, looking forward to hearing those TH900's again, this time on a different setup.  Thank you for the lengthy audition.

    James, loved the Stax.  A _little_ on the weak side when it comes to umph but great balance.  Never heard metal sound so quick.

    Dan, you've come a long way with your setup.  A DAC would take you to the next level.  You've got the head to headphone ratio covered xD.

    Dale, great setup.  The geek is a slick device.  Audionervana (sp?) is a cumbersome player and goes against what the Mac mantra is all about.  Also, thank you for the lengthy audition.
    Regret that I missed the opportunity to listen to the Yaggi.  Everytime I looked over, Mike was holding the device hostage, "frankenstening" it to various setups and shootouts. :p  Really looking to a listen at future meets.

  2. mikoss
    Sorry didn't mean to hog it! I will let you know when I have one, and you can come over for a listen.
  3. hakushondaimao
    Hi all. Hard to believe it's been a week since the meet! It was an amazing day.
    I got the impression that many of those who attended the meet are more into desktop than portable gear. On the off chance that you are interested in exploring some portable gear, I'm copying a message I posted yesterday on another thread (LINK):
    I have just completed a review of the Aune B1 Class A Portable Amplifier.

    I've been given permission by Aune to organize a tour of the review unit. If you're in Canada, are a 100+ Head-Fi'er or higher, and would like a chance to try out the B1, please reply to this thread with the following:
    - Your location (city and province): 
    - Headphones you own: 
    - Portable amplifiers you own: 
    - Music sources (DAPs, phones) you own: 
    Initially, 5 applicants will be chosen for the tour. If selected, you will be able to keep the unit for 6 days, and will forward it to the next tour participant on the 7th day after receiving it. You will not be required to write a formal review of the B1 (though that is an option), but it is hoped that you will at least provide impressions on the Aune B1 Impressions thread. More information about this tour will be forthcoming shortly.
    If you're interested in joining the tour, you can go to the tour application thread to register your interest.
  4. hakushondaimao
    Here's a schwack-load of pics I took at the meet with my iPhone. Some of these are featured on my Instagram feed (@HeadFiYYC) with the hashtag #HeadFiYYC2015. Drop on by if you're an Instagrammer.
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  5. Honkytime
    Thanks all to the people that organized this meet and the great people at grant fidelity for sponsoring the event it was a great meet. i really have to thank CTC audio for the lovely T-Peos IEMS i won as a door prize.(will leave impressions after a few weeks of listening.) There was so much gear at this meet it was hard to get to some of it i should have took more time and listened to more of grant fidelity's yulong d200 and x sabre dacs. i really enjoyed Edmontoncanuck's T1's off his wa7 setup. It was a real treat for a beyer fan. I really enjoyed my DT 880's off i'm pretty sure it was mikoss tube rig made me realize was i'm lacking with all my gear (and you to resolver XD). I did do a comparison with the  HD - 25's vs my amperior's thou and was very surprised by just how different they sounded for basically being the same headphone.  I did not get to listen to dale's he 560's and HD - 800's as they seemed to always with someone on them, next time. i did realize my flaw with all my gear was not setting it up so it could all be used and i ended up with a mess of headphone wires (will leave some stuff home next time) none the less i had a great time meeting every one and hope to see you all at the next meet!
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  6. hakushondaimao
    Hi all (and sorry to some for the double post). Hope you had a good summer (notice the past tense usage there... summer seems to be officially done for). Anyone make any stunning new audio discoveries since May? My favourite purchase was an Audio-GD NFB-15 DAC/Amp... not costly, but sounds lovely.
    Am starting to toy with the idea of another meet. Thinking about doing November 15th (a Sunday). Am going to check into some hotels up near the airport, but first want to know if there's interest from the Alberta (and parts west and east) Head-Fi community in doing something only 6 months after the last meet. If there's strong interest, I'll start checking out venues.
  7. hakushondaimao
    November 15 is a go for another Calgary meet. Will set up a meet page in the next couple of days, and post a link here for folks to register interest and get details on time and location.
  8. hakushondaimao
    12th Calgary Head-Fi meet thread is at:
    November 15th (Sunday). Hope you can make it. Last time was a blast, and it would be great to reconnect!
  9. pav13
    Hi, would anyone be interested in planning another Calgary meet?  Maybe sometime this summer - July or Aug?
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