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Cafe Sceptico: The Objectivist Cafe

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by bigshot, Aug 16, 2012.
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  1. bigshot
    I've got an idea. Since Sound Science is a community within a community, we need a place for regulars to hang out. This isn't the place to argue about subjective impressions. If that starts, just take it outside to another thread. This is a thread for our regular brain trust to chat about what they're working on, tests they may be considering and just general science chit chat.

    Welcome to Sound Science! Sorry about your misconceptions!
  2. sfoclt
    Not being a regular here, I don't know what I can and can't say about other posts, but I literally spewed Coke when I read that.  Even Kuhn understood that within a system there are still right and wrong answers.*
    *  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions turned 50 this year, by the way.
  3. Steve Eddy
    Hey! Waiter! Can I get a latte here?
  4. paradoxper
    Pour on in the misconceptions.
  5. bigshot
    Too much latte will create jitter!
  6. Steve Eddy
    Ok, make mine a decaf.
  7. bigshot
    Just a post to let folks know what I'm working on...

    I just got four 3TB hard drives and I'm swapping them into one of the Drobos on my AV server. This will bring the total online storage to almost 38TB.

    I got to the point where I am reasonably happy with the EQ and levels of the crossover between my subwoofer and full range mains.

    I recently bought a pair of Pieso electric supertweeters and mounted them on the backs of my bass mains pointing up at the ceiling. It fills out the soundstage to the full width of the room. They are very clear and very loud. Triangles and cymbals really have a lot of upper harmonics. I had to lower my high end EQ 2dB. I may have to cut it another half dB or so. These tweeters have cast aluminum horns and came with a crossover, so they are plug and play. Only 40 bucks.

    I just finished ripping the new Carl Nielsen Chamber and Instrumental Works box (2 SACDs and 4 CDs for $14 at Amazon) and next up to rip is Scott Ross's 34 CD Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas ($35 shipped from Amazon Spain). After that, it's back to ripping the massive Hannsler Complete Bach Edition.

    New HD movies include the French silent mystery serial, Les Vampires, Puccini's Tosca (Oren/Arena di Verona, Cedolins, Alvarez, Raimondi), Don Knotts in the live action/animated feature Incredible Mr Limpett, and a six hour PBS documentary series called Circus. This weekend, I've got a group of animators coming over for a screening of the new documentary on the godfather of the comic book, Will Eisner.
  8. paradoxper
    You've got some serious grand plans. Hopefully later on in my years I can start to delve into the speaker world.
    Not to mention your killer home theatre! Very cool.
  9. bigshot
    If you're ever in LA, you're welcome to visit. The deeper you get, the more work it is. But hoo doggies! the sound sure is sweet!
    What are you thinking about doing with your gear? New cans? amp?
  10. paradoxper
    I visit LV enough, I'd love hear your rig. I am about ready to head back to school and so only a headphone amp. I've been holding out
    for my endgame setup of amp/DAC have a nice budget. But also want to pickup a receiver for my HE-6. 
    Then I think the time will come for me to dip my feet into the big boy water! 
  11. bigshot
    If you use headphones exclusively, it shouldn't be expensive. Spend your money on your headphones. My sub and mains cost a lot, but the rest of my system didn't. If you're smart, you can get terrific bang for the buck.

    It's a bit of a drive from LV to LA, but if you're going to be out this way, PM me and stop by for some music and a movie.
  12. paradoxper
    I'm all set with headphones. I really don't think I'll be dipping my feet anymore into the headphone pool. Tried STAX and preferred
    ortho's for my listening preferences. So that saves me $12k or so. I'll try and be smart with my budget, but I know
    things could get out of hand.
    I use to drive down to CA all the time back in H.S. that drive is a breeze. I need to make it down to a meet as well. But a movie would be nice. [​IMG]
  13. Clarkmc2
    Bigshot, that would be the godfather of the graphic novel. And the inventor of it as well. For a great example of his influence in Japan, see Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths.
  14. bigshot
    He was the first to create content for comic books too. Before that, comics were repurposed newspaper strips.
  15. Clarkmc2

    I missed that. When did he first get published in comic book form? BTW, did you ever see his "How To Strip Your Baby"?
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