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Cables for sale from Effect Audio and iBasso

Trader History (3)
  1. Layman1
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
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    Hi all,

    Have some cables that I'm willing to let go of for the right price :)
    I'm giving details below, along with links to the official product pages so you can check any details you wish.
    Would prefer to sell to someone in the UK/EU, but will consider further afield if the price is right.

    Feel free to send me your best offers for any/all of the following, but please, no lowballing :p

    Photos (taken just now!) are now included in a new post further down :)

    1) Effect Audio Ares II - very good condition.
    2-pin connectors, 2.5mm termination. The cable has not been used much at all, Like New condition. Normal price $149.90; looking for $100

    2) iBasso CB13 8-wire cable. Brand new and unopened.
    MMCX connectors, 2.5mm termination.
    This is a copper/silver hybrid cable, analogous to an Effect Audio Eros II 8-wire.
    Normal price $199; looking for $150

    3) iBasso CB12s - only lightly used, almost like new.
    MMCX connectors, 2.5mm termination.
    This is another copper/silver hybrid cable, but 4 wires instead of 8.
    Normal price $99, looking for $60

    Ok people, let's make it happen :p

    Ares II:
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
  2. Tristy
    Wrong currency in the title
  3. Tristy
    Ignore me, just read it through haha
  4. Tristy
    How much for the 2 pin, 2.5mm balanced Ares II? What kind of condition is it in? Cheers
  5. dickydownes
    Is the Ares II balanced? Will it work with an AK 240?

    Any reason the prices are in dollars?
  6. Layman1
    HI there,

    Yes, the Ares II is balanced; the photo is of another cable (now sold) which was 3.5mm (single ended), but I also have a 'like new' 2.5mm cable available for sale too, which indeed will work with Astell & Kern DAPs :)
    The prices are in USD purely because the original prices are in USD for both iBasso and Effect Audio.

    So it was easier to indicate the discounts I was offering in terms of the original prices that I thought people would be familiar with.

    But I'm based in the UK and happy to accept pounds, or indeed any currency as long as the figures add up :)

    Just let me know if you'd like to proceed?

    Warm regards,

  7. dickydownes
    Can you send me pics of the cable?
  8. dickydownes

    Did you take any photos of the Ares II?
  9. Layman1

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