Cables for between Burson HA-160 and DA-160
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New Head-Fier
Feb 10, 2012
Looking forward to next week. New gear should arrive. :)
So I have a Burson DAC/HeadAMP set up. The word is that I should use the cables that come with them.
I believe that I will up grade to entry level power cables. VMF power cords. I figured this would be fine as I will get a Thor PS10 power station to run my audio/visual in the study.
I also think that I will go a set of 1m HGA Silver Lace with the default interconnects. Defaults are silver TOK point terminations. Just trying to find out who makes those connections!
Last is to choose a cable from sound card to the DAC. I think I will go digital as opposed to the analogue out of the ASUS Xonar  STX. The sound card has a combo coaxial/TOS-Link port. I would like to go optical and I am looking at the Wire World Supernova 6. I figured this would be better than USB.
Feedback welcomed. Also shared stories with this combo DAC AMP.

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