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Cable to boost Phantom vocals?

  1. pinkzeppelincult
    I love nearly everything about my EE Phantom, but I'd like a more forward midrange for male vocals than the stock Ares II cable provides. I've had the Ares II 8-wire suggested, but that seems like it might color the overall tonality too much.

    Does anybody have suggestions for cables that will add some midrange power while leaving everything else about the Phantom as alone as possible? Any price point is fine, and I mainly use the Phantom with the iBasso DX200 w/ Amp 1, if that matters.

    Thanks all!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  2. Speedskater
    Cables in and of themselves won't do that. You might look for a EQ network with attached cables.
  3. natemact
    Your better off seeking advice is these threads:


    While I'm here this..
    • Seems like you need Zeus as well : )
    • Relative to Ares2, Ares8 will alter/color the Phantom's sound signature the LEAST out of ANY appropriate cable on the market. It will also provide the further forward mids your seeking. There is zero harm in the DX201/Phantom/Ares8 trio considering DX200 is walks the neutrality line quite well..with Amp1 it slightly steps over that line though.
    This too..
    • My, and most DX200 owners recommendation, would be to upgrade to Amp8 and then see if a cable upgrade is still necessary. I will either upgrade to an Ares8, CTM Juba 8 or Okoi 8 for my DX208/Phantom combo but for now the Ares2 is holding off upgraditis nicely..though I'm a 3T - tone/timbre/texture - over detail kinda guy.
    • BTW if you haven't yet, try upconverting your favorite flac/wav song to DSD512 with XiSRC. Lots of info on the DX200 thread on this. Many of us are listening to our DX200's this way as the improvement in SQ is well worth the massive file size. FYI I'm not a sample rate upconverter believer in that you can't possibly eek extra information by upconverting but the uptick in SQ comes down to how the ESS9028's and their implementation process the DSD format as apposed to PCM.
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  4. pinkzeppelincult
    Thanks for such a detailed reply!

    Trust me, if I had the money, I would :triportsad:

    Fair point. I think I'll probably end up going with this in the end.

    I'm disinclined to go this route only because I'd rather avoid an additional link in the chain (and expense) in a 1/4" adapter. I also can't find much info on the Amp8; what does it do to the sound?

    Interesting. I'll definitely check this out, though do you know of any freeware that can accomplish this?
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
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  5. natemact
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