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Dec 29, 2017
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Hey Head Fi. I have a couple questions in regards to the E-mu Teak, and Fostex tr-x00.
1st question - I have a balanced cable for my Audioquest Nightowl. It has 2.5mm connections, same as the Teaks. Will this cable work with them? I read something about the connections of the Teaks are different somehow. Mono, stereo, something like that - can't remember.
2nd question - Does the tr-x00 utilize the same cable as the Fostex TH900?
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Pretty sure the TR and TH are the same and the HD-650 cable will work as well. If the Teaks are 2.5mm either tr or trs should work the same.
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Sennheiser cables won't work with Fostex cans without some modification.
They work with my TR-X00’s it not a genuine Senn cable but a balanced cable and does work.
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That's interesting. I was going to buy the tr-x00 from the classifieds. The seller said he could change the connections over to Sennheiser, but I would have to take an exacto knife to my Sennheiser cable plug for proper fitment. He told me the Sennheiser cable would not work with them in stock configuration. They wouldn't fit properly, and something about reverse polarity I believe. Which balanced cable do you have?
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I have a couple of cheap ones I got from eBay and Amazon don’t know the makers . They fit but don’t give that solid click that the original TR-X00 cable does but both work and don’t seem to effect the original fitting like it should.

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