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Cable MOD for Beyerdynamic T50p

  1. Twinster
     Here`s my step by step cable replacement instruction guide for the Beyerdynamic T50p.
    • First remove the earpad by gently pulling on the edge. The pads are glued with reusable glue. You will be able to put them back with the same glue. BeyerT50P_2.jpg
    • Second remove the driver using a sharp knife by wedging it gently between the driver and the cup. (See arrow on picture) BeyerT50P_3.jpg BeyerT50P_6.jpg
    • Remove the cable with your iron and note that red dot on the driver identify the positive. Also I like to confirm the the driver is 30 mm in size. BeyerT50P_4.jpg
    • When reinstalling the driver in the cup make sure to allign the little key on the driver properly and press firmly on the driver to snap it back in place. Make sure it`s snapped all around to get a good seal. BeyerT50P_5.jpg
    For sound impression with my previous cable (the Orange seen in first picture) the bass impact was better. Ì replaced it because it was to big for portable use. I was satisfy with the SQ of the original cable but for my use in my office it was to short. The cable you see in the final picture is from Westone 64 inch use for their Elite earphone. I report the SQ impression later
    Enjoy! :)
  2. Sorensiim
    Thanks for sharing! Your guide just helped me take apart a set of T50P. That stock cable is some of the sorriest wiring I have ever seen in a headphone...
  3. KentoArsenal
    What do you mean by reusable glue? My pads are kinda falling off after I took them out once. 

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