cable material, design, all a futile attempt at sonic clarity?
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Jun 21, 2009
please forgive me for starting what i think is an interesting, and speculative, conversation about the myriad possibilities of this "hobby" of ours when it comes time to choose wire/cable/IC/et cetera material types. i'm a newb, but i can't help but realize the futility of it all after i've spent hundreds of dollars (and hours) soldering, twisting, braiding wires and cables in order to find that auditory nirvana that we seek.

we all know that different materials conduct/resist current in different ways. and we know that these differences affect sound -- for better or worse. BUT, let's say one's total budget for a system is, hypothetically, $1000. how then do we realize the potential of modifications and upgrades? i mean, if our amp's internals are inferior to the point that pure silver (theoretical) wires won't make a difference at all -- it's simply revealing the "bad" aspects of the amp's materials -- what good is it, then? garbage in, garbage out.

and, don't get me wrong, i am DEFINITELY a believer in the FACT that cables/materials affect sound. but with a mid-level system, would our ears even be able to discern a difference at all?

i know that there are ratios that some people go by when building a system, i.e. 50 percent for amplification, 20 percent for source, 20 percent for drivers, 10 percent for cables/interconnects, etc. i'm just throwing those figures out there, that's not what i go by, but anyway, where does that leave us when it comes time to modify capacitors or tubes in our amps, or the circuit board, solder, electronic components (because ALL of these will effect the current and "noise")?

this is all fun to be sure, but what is the point when you say enough is enough, this system is good enough? i know a lot of people NEVER reach that point -- and i guess that is their point since it is a hobby...
but for the more sane, and realistic folks, when is enough enough? and is it even worth spending hundreds of dollars for theories backed by science when lesser materials (with all of their inferiorities) still sound DAMN GOOD? lol
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The exact location of the pink box varies from person to person.
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It pretty much boils down to this..If you think it matters and the music sounds better to you, and you can afford it. ( you have to rememeber that some people are quite well off here.) Go For It. Many other hobbies are quite expensive. some even more than this one.
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The same way that it hasn't been proven that any human ever stepped on the moon.
Many people think its a given many people are sceptical,many people talk even though they have never tried anything else than stock and many people cannot hear the difference.
Like all sense everyone doesnt hear the same (do i really need to explain all this?) The difference a cable makes is minor compared to getting a better source or amp, which is probably why many people dont hear a difference.
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Originally Posted by Mr C /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The same way that it hasn't been proven that any human ever stepped on the moon.

Except for the fact that people were actually there. If you want to put the blinders on and deny the obvious, then maybe you could say that.

Cables are a terrific way to separate the credulous from their money.

Also, you mentioned the "internals" of an amp. Have you ever built an amp? Ever read up on how one works? How do you judge whether the internals are good or not? Do you just go by the hype and what guerrilla shills say on the message boards? Are Black Gates really that good? Or is that just something you heard someone say? How do you really know?
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I dont really see where I described the insides of an amp, but whatever.
And yeah I did try recabling (porta pros and hd25) and both times I heard a difference.
Honestly I dont care whether a few guys went to the moon or not (if you call one movie proof you are very credulous), I was just pointing out that like on many issues we have the naysayers and the fans.
The only way you can get an opinion about cables is by experimenting by yourself.
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Originally Posted by Mr C /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The same way that it hasn't been proven that any human ever stepped on the moon.

Wow! to me that is the pinnacle of ignorance.

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