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Cable/Interconnect Recommendations

  1. Suprmin

    I’m looking for some cable recommendations that won’t break the bank. I recently changed direction on gear and ended up going with a Schiit Stack. (Eitr >mimby >magni 3) I’m looking good quality for RCAs, SPDIF, and USB A/B. I’ll proably will go with Schiit and their PYST cables for RCAs, unless someone can recommend a better option. As for SPDIF and USB A/B I don’t really know where to start, I would be grateful for any pointers. Thanks!
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  2. buke9
    Check Monoprice solid cables without the price.
  3. buke9
    I would not worry about cables as of yet. For the Eitr you need a usb cable to connect from the computer the Eitr and then a 75 ohm rca cable to the dac. I didn’t realize that they didn’t go usb to usb with the Eitr. Still waiting on a USB 5 upgrade on my Yggdrasil and have no idea when it will happen.
  4. Suprmin
    I think I’m going to do Blue Jean Cables for both RCA and SPDIF. For USB I’m looking at Wireworld Chroma, looks like a solidly built cable.

    I saw on the Schiit website that there’s an option to purchase the USB 5 module, but it seems like it’s backordered?
  5. bixby
    Blue Jeans LC-1 RCAs are not that great, for that money. The Schitt are decent. Wasting money on Wireworld USB, I had one of their best and replaced it with short Monoprice with better sound. Spdif from BJ is good.
  6. Suprmin
    Thanks for your advice, I’m going to pick up the spdif from blue and a Monoprice usb. Thanks for your suggestions!
  7. Rhamnetin
    No need to spend a ton on digital cables, you just need something that's not on the verge of falling apart essentially. So yeah, Monoprice will do. Or other affordable but solid brands like Kabeldirect.

    Analog interconnects however can make a noticeable difference, but more so on really high end systems so the Schiit PYST should be fine.
  8. bixby
    Get the 28/24 gauge and without a built in ferrite, shorter the better. Like this


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