Cable guides help

  1. D1scoDav
    hi guys and gals!

    Not sure if I’m in the right forum for this but, here goes...

    I’m trying to buy a set of the over the ear cable guides, the things that stop cables bending too far back on themselves. I’ve got a pair of SE846 and i like to use the westone Bluetooth cable in the gym. The problem is, i have the 846 in a set of sensaphonics moulds, meaning that when i have the westone cable on the 846 in the sensaphonics moulds, it is doing a 180 out of the MMCX housing and in the end destroying the cable. I’m just about to buy my 3rd westone Bluetooth cable, i would like it to last haha. When i search the interweb for anything around the term cable guide, it comes up with something totally unrelated. Is there a correct name for these things? Can anyone advise where i can get some from? Thanks in advance :)

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