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  1. D1scoDav
    Hi Guys and girls,

    I read the forum all the time and you guys have cost me a fortune up to now. I always remember someone saying that an addiction with audio gear is a slippery slope... damn were they right haha.

    I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, be it another thread or something else. Basically I don’t know what to search for to find my answer.....

    I have a pair of SE846 and i love the way the new apple W1 chip works. So i have bought a pair of beats x for the soul purpose of chopping the buds off and putting an mmcx end on it.

    Finding the mmcx part (at least here in the UK) has been almost impossible as when i search google all i get is the mmcx electrical parts, not iem parts.

    Ive seen these:

    I have the West one Bluetooth cable and love it, so i know those connectors are great.

    Is there anywhere else i should be looking or is this a good plan (they will be in stock next week).

    Thanks again you guys :)
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